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Tired of hearing the same old songs over and over again? Here are some selected tunes as recommended by Eunoians! Each week, we publish 8 of our favourite submissions under our monthly playlist. Want to suggest a song? Click here! Thank you to everyone who have submitted a song suggestion, and be sure to hit us up if you want to see your songs on next month’s playlist! Check out this month’s playlist here.

  1. Europe – The Final Countdown
    Genre: Metal, Rock
    A multi-purpose song, it will hype you up on a slow day with its heavy beats. A classic 80s rock song. 9/10. (Suggested by Ethan & Willy, 18-U3)
  2. Kodaline – Brother
    Genre: Indie Pop
    This song is sure to hit you hard with a heavy dose of feelings. With its compelling and emotional lyrics, Brother is surely a 11/10. (Suggested by Voan, 18-U5)
  3. The Goo Goo Dolls – Iris
    Genre: Alternative Rock
    A mood booster, and again, more feelings. Iris is more on the soft 90s pop side, although some may find it a little more generic. 8/10. (Suggested by Marilyn, 18-A3)
  4. Alan Walker – All Falls Down (feat. Noah Cyrus with Digital Farm Animals)
    Genre: Pop
    It’s your generic pop song that starts off slow and rocks bass drops in the middle. It will surely hype you up on a sleepy day, and get your adrenaline pumping for the gym. 8/10. (Suggested by Cheryl, 18-E5)
  5. Martin Garrix, Dua Lipa – Scared To Be Lonely
    Genre: EDM, Future bass
    As expected, this song largely comprises of electronic sounds. It’ll help you to focus when studying, good for gyming, mood booster, chill vibes. Again, generic trendy pop song, starts of slow, bass drops during chorus. 8/10. (Suggested by Tze Yuen, 18-I3)
  6. OneRepublic – I Lived
    Genre: Pop
    Good solid rhythm, pumps you up. Brings good feels™ . 9/10. (Suggested by Wee Kai, 18-A6)
  7. Paradise Fears – Battle scars
    Genre: Alternative Rock, Indie
    A mood booster, uplifting and heartful song. Definitely unique. 10/10. (Suggested by Jared, 18-U4)Bonus personal recommendation:
  8. Florence + The Machine – Sky Full Of Song
    Genre: Baroque Pop, Alternative Indie
    Review: Pure vocals. 10/10.

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