Tea with Teachers – Mr. Crispin Rodrigues

The Origin had the opportunity to interview our resident poet and H1 General Paper tutor – Mr. Crispin Rodrigues. Through the interview, we’ve learnt more about his latest book and also, his views on being a writer in Singapore.


Question 1: Who is your favourite poet and why?


Question 2: What is the inspiration for your book?


Question 3: Why did you choose to be a teacher if you have so many great achievements outside the sphere of teaching?


Question 4: What are some challenges you faced while writing your book and how did you overcome them?


Question 5: What do you like about Eunoia Junior College?


Question 6: Would you rather be a Mathematics teacher or Biology teacher, and why?


Question 7: Some may wonder if certain literary devices used by famous poets were used intentionally, or if they were accidental. What is your view on this?


Question 8: Could you give some words of encouragement to potential poets and authors in Eunoia?


You can check out Mr. Rodrigues’s book, Pantomime, published by the Math Paper Press.



Interviewee: Mr. Crispin Rodrigues

Interviewer: Jacey Teoh

Filmed and edited by Ashley Ng

Special thanks to Sebastian Koo and Britney Lye

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