As the title suggests, Press’ undercover project was the first bad life decision I made coming into 2019 and little did I know that the day would turn into a series of poor life choices. Though the idea did interest me at the start, having to take on this fake persona of ‘Neek Koh’, an extroverted exchange student who DSA-ed into EJ through art, sounded torturous.

The worst part of the day was pretty much the start, with me having a mental breakdown on the way to the hall, as my anxiety eventually spreading to everyone else. I also had to sit in a crowd of J1s, trying to blend in while obviously being unable to, considering my attire consisted of a PE shirt with bermudas, which was my second poor life decision as it was an incredibly ugly and conspicuous combination of clothing among a sea of IP school attires. I had to sit through an unusually long morning assembly while trying to ignore lingering stares from the J1s and J2s. Lucky for me, I ‘convinced’ Press to let me do this project with someone else since I would not have survived alone. This proved to be fun since I got to see Jay mess up as soon as she started, revealing her real name as soon as introductions began. The whole persona thing also failed since both of us did not follow it and Jay, who was supposed to be introverted, ended up talking to the J1s more than I did. Nobody actually questioned my identity and asked about my background. Every J1 in our OG did not question our identities and just accepted the fact that we were transfer students.

Like Jay, I was shocked at how the OG felt bonded, it did not feel like it was their first day together. They were friendly enough to initiate conversations and all of them participated actively during the games, this made me feel very welcome and made me really enjoy the day with them.

From the start, I was concerned since I knew that our presence would cause some problems for the OG. For example, during one of the games, there weren’t enough hockey sticks to pass around so we asked to leave, giving a really lame excuse of having to talk to the teachers. Fortunately, no one questioned this and we left to loiter. It was only a few hours in and I was already drained (so kudos to the OGLs for being able to survive Eunite!). The highlight of my day was actually when one of the J1s from another OG approached us to ask Jay whether she was a senior and whether or not she could take a picture with their OG, the whole situation was awkward and funny.

During lunch, there was obviously not enough food packets for us so we left and had an impromptu meeting. We found out that Ashleigh’s identity as a J2 had been exposed and it was quite funny. All of us were so tired and we had no idea what to do so we decided to reveal our identities to our OGs. When I revealed my identity as a J2, some of the OGlings seemed quite shocked and the OGLs even commented that it was funny seeing their genuine reactions.

Through this project, I got to experience Eunite and I am really impressed at how the OGLs, which were from our batch, seemed so mature and really stepped up to become leaders in their respective OGs. Everyone really put in all of their efforts to help make the J1s feel welcome and this was really heartwarming to watch.


Though I would not do this ever again, I still enjoyed myself thoroughly despite my face in the picture. I am also very thankful to the OGLs for playing along and cooperating with us even though you didn’t need to. To all the J1s in OG19, I hope you guys have fun in EJ and continue being friends after Eunite!

Go Galloglas!

-neek koh


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