Light the Way: From Page to Stage

In our final article for the ‘Light the Way’ series, the Origin* goes backstage to discover what makes the Drama Club’s production – ‘Project Mooncake’ so unbelievably show-stopping.

Written by: Alyssa Minjoot (19-I1), Chong Tien Ee (19-E3), Lee En Tong (19-U2)

Designed by: Athena Lim (19-A4)

Photograph taken by: Jacey Teoh (18-E1)

Interviewees: Alayna Yap (19-I4), Anastasia Lin (19-U4), Elizabeth Low (19-E5), Eunice Ling (19-E6), Laetitia Tay (19-E6), Chanel Wong (18-I4), Freya Keertikar (18-U1), Kimmie Tan (18-E3), Lek Siang Ern (18-U1), Lim Rei Enn (18-I4)

With less than a day to College Day, we await in eager anticipation and present to you the final performing arts group, Drama Club. As aptly embodied in the title ‘From Page to Stage’, the Drama Club has spent this year working together with one another to ensure that they brought their creative visions to life. They tell the story of our newly established yet deeply rooted school culture in the form of their play, ‘Project Mooncake’. Their exciting, meaningful and impactful play details a story about the 5 houses of Eunoia on the quest to be the first to find a treasure. With the help of rather mischievous nymphs, the 5 houses overcome multiple adversities and strive towards the common vision of #eunoiashining.

To the Drama Club, this performance reflects the college’s unity and the extremely pervasive team spirit that is inherent in every one of us. It casts the spotlight on all our different personalities and groups to create a singular, cohesive unit where every member has a unique and important role to play, much like the college experience itself.


For the Drama Club, their vision for the play truly did begin with a dream. In the early stages of brainstorming, they knew they wanted a production that was colourful and larger than life, a play that could transport the audience to another dimension. With this in mind, the Drama Club formed their narrative centred around the animal mascots of the five houses, focusing on the unique and defining qualities of each house.

The process of conceptualising the play not only developed the Drama Club members’ creative capacity, but also allowed them to delve deeply into the world of theatre, while fostering strong and close-knit bonds with one another. They learnt invaluable theatre lessons, such as being aware of their presence on stage, to take risks, and step out of their comfort zones to take on the dynamic rules as best as they could. At the same time, the countless hours spent labouring in rehearsals strengthened the ties between the CCA members and undoubtedly etched unforgettable memories of teamwork and camaraderie in their minds. As one J2 said, she will forever remember the immense joy of being able to work with and act with her favourite people.

As with preparing for any performance, the Drama Club’s road to College Day has been fraught with challenges. Preparing for a play is hard work, let alone the behind the scenes preparations of props and costumes. Furthermore, this challenge was compounded by the fact that Drama is a small CCA, and they were working with limited manpower. They acknowledge that it was only with dedication and practice that they managed to make their group movements more fluid and synchronised.   Fortunately, everyone came together and put in their best effort to help out and put on the best performance they could.

After months of hard work, the Drama Club will finally reap the fruits of their labour during what will definitely be an unforgettable College Day performance. The J2s summed up their performance in one sentence, “the audience can look forward to a comedic performance that captures the essence of this year’s College Day theme, ‘Light the Way’ while imagining the founding of the 5 houses in a theatrical way”. ‘Project Mooncake’ is also the J1’s first ever production, making the experience all the more special. Their hope is that everyone will “enjoy the effort they have invested into the show” and we are sure the audience will!

We, for one, cannot wait to witness their creative expression come to life at the College Day concert and we are sure that it will be a crowd favourite!

Remember to get your tickets for the College Day and head on down to University Cultural Centre at 7.30pm this Saturday, 11 May. See you there!



Author: The Origin*

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