AAA #16

Designed by: Jo Yeoul (19-A2)

why are MYEs so hard? I regret my subject combination.


MYEs were hard because they were designed as a ‘wake up call’ for those of us who are still in the ‘orientation’ mood. Despite their difficulty, the MYEs were not designed to be impossible to overcome. In fact, chances are that they seem difficult only because you used the same exam preparation techniques from secondary school. Due to the heavier content, and higher order thinking skills required to answer questions in JC, you have to modify your revision plans beyond rote memorization. You have to do your tutorials asap (if you consistently revise, you definitely won’t end up there). Also, it would be helpful to consolidate your mistakes so you can avoid them in future.


As for your subject combination, we are  already more than halfway through the year, and Promotional exams are coming soon. It would be difficult for you to change your subject combination entirely, like transferring from science stream to arts stream. The most you could do is to drop one of your H2 subjects to H1. 

If you’re dissatisfied simply because you’re not doing well in those subjects, this can be fixed by changing your mindset about the subjects. Instead of jumping ship, you can adopt a more positive outlook on revision. Try to think about what are some key concepts and skills the subject requires, and work on them. You could try writing down these ideas, which will serve as a framework for you to navigate the subject. It may be time consuming at first, but ultimately, a framework helps you to lay the groundwork of your concepts. Changing your subject combination has its own consequences, and we strongly encourage you to keep trying your best in the subjects you’re weak at. I wish you all the best, and remember that you only need to last for 2 years. I’m rooting for you!


how do i get a girlfriend? most of my friends are dating someone and i’m gonna be the only single pringle in my grp at this rate 😱


While I admit that being the only single person in a group of friends who have boyfriends/girlfriends is hardly fun, you have to let love, or the lack of it, take its course. If you eventually meet the One™ in EJ, good for you! But chances are, you won’t because you’ve got a long way to go in life, and there are so many fish in the sea. You have to be careful with who you choose to love, because you will be much better off being single than having to suffer from being in a relationship with the wrong person. Moreover, sustainable relationships require commitment. If you’re not prepared for that, do not rush blindly into a relationship just because your friends are in relationships. You should focus on your priorities and being the best version of yourself and by doing so, the One™ will eventually find their way to you.



My pw teacher gives very unsubstantiated advice that I disagree with. But my pw mates follow her advice and suggestions and it’s like causing tension within the grp. My WR is going to look terrible, how am I going to get an A for PW? 

I’m sorry to hear that there seems to be some miscommunication among your group members, and also with your PW tutor. As your guide in this PW journey, your tutor would provide feedback that is valuable in uncovering perspectives or ideas you may have overlooked. Such well-intended advice also comes from a professional standpoint, so do not dismiss them too quickly!

Moreover, before you dismiss her opinions, have you tried examining the grounds for your disagreement and seeking clarification from your tutor first? Does your PW tutor know your areas of disagreement? You could look through her advice and jot down any queries you have so as to make the most of your consultation with your tutor. It’s always good to be prepared!

Don’t forget to ask your group members on what they think of your tutor’s advice, and involve them in your search for further feedback. PW is collaborative in nature and it is highly important that every member is in tune with the team’s direction. In every group work, there will be contrasting views, and because it is difficult to reconcile every view, conflicts will inevitably arise. Yet it is through this process of discussing (and even arguing!) that we are exposed to the range of perspectives our group members have, which in turn helps us refine our own understanding and learning. Who knows? You may learn something new.

With the final deadline for PW WR approaching, you should take the chance to address all the issues that require clarification. The Origin* has published a PW centric series so you may want to check it out as well. All the best for your WR! 


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