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Designed by: Leanne Soh Li En (21-E6)

As we approach the end of the year and have so much on our plates, it’s almost guaranteed that our stress levels are rising. Thus, the Sick Beats team would like to recommend nine awesome movie/drama soundtracks for you to listen to and take your mind off studying, just for a while. 

The Greatest Showman: “Rewrite The Stars”

We’re starting off with pop movie soundtracks. “Rewrite The Stars” is a duet performed by Zac Efron and Zendaya for the 2017 movie, The Greatest Showman. In the movie, Philip (Zac) starts singing the song as a way to communicate to Anne (Zendaya) his desire and passion for her, who was determined that “everything keeps [them] apart”. This became a hit with more than 80 million views on YouTube with the two talented actors belting out the notes beautifully, portraying their characters’ raw, genuine pain. 

The Greatest Showman: “This Is Me” 

Performed by Keala Settle and The Greatest Showman Ensemble, this song was the most popular out of the whole soundtrack with over 500 million streams on Spotify even though it was not the main track. The reason behind its popularity is how empowering it is, with lyrics like “I won’t let them break me down to dust” and “I am brave, I am bruised” that can give listeners a sign to stand up for themselves. Definitely a song to add to your motivational playlist for when you feel beaten back by some setbacks in your life.

Frozen II: “Into The Unknown”

Disney has a long and storied history of animated movies that have amazing accompanying theme songs. Frozen 2’s “Into the Unknown ” absolutely hits the benchmark set. Though not as viral and irritatingly catchy as “Let it Go”, “Into the Unknown” is definitely a really arresting theme song. With the breathy vocal track at the start as a really strong hook, “Into the Unknown” gradually builds up in intensity as Idina Menzel’s voice slowly expands and fills the entire song, until the last mindblowing belt near the end. This song really showcases Elsa’s inner conflict and her strong desire to go out and venture where she’s never gone before. 

Schindler’s List: “Theme from Schindler’s List”

Next, under the classical genre, is “Theme from Schindler’s List.” The melancholy tone of the accompanying orchestra, and the absolutely heart-breaking tune played by master violinist Itzhak Perlman perfectly encapsulates the grief and pain that pervades the entirety of Schindler’s List. We’re not recommending this for you to cry, but if you like something more slow-paced and mellow after the really upbeat and high-tempo soundtracks before, you should definitely check this out. 

2001: A Space Odyssey; “Also sprach Zarathustra (Thus Spoke Zarathustra)”

If you told anybody the name of this soundtrack, they’ve most likely never heard of it. But play them the opening seconds of this song, and the first few trumpet notes are a dead giveaway to one of the most iconic classical soundtracks in movie history. As the volume and the intensity of the soundtrack slowly increases, with more and more instruments building onto the original melody of the trumpet, you can imagine the magnificence and scale of space that the soundtrack is conveying. 

Kiki’s Delivery Service: “A Town with an Ocean View” 

Something more light-hearted would be the theme song from the widely beloved Studio Ghibli children’s film, Kiki’s Delivery Service. Though not as easily identifiable as the previous two soundtracks, the clarinets’ light melodies still manage to evoke the light-hearted and cheerful nature of the movie. The soundtrack’s atmospheric nature really makes us feel as if we are in the same universe as Kiki, flying along on her magical broomstick.

While You Were Sleeping: “It’s You”

This OST (Original Soundtrack) was sung by Henry Lau, flawlessly describing how a man thinks of his love at first sight. The lyrics show how the man is obsessed with his woman, to the extent that she is his sunlight, air and part of his dreams. How sweet! The heartbeat of this song is the essence of true love, as the man thinks she is the right one for him. Understand the lyrics, and you will see how affectionate the singer and the main characters are! 

Itaewon Class: “Sweet Night’

Written and composed by BTS V, aka Kim Taehyung, this song portrays a situation of, “Can we be more than just friends?”, aligning itself with the drama’s storyline where both the main characters gradually develop feelings for each other, but are unsure of the solidity of their current relationship. The meaning behind this song is perfectly captured in the lyrics, with “We were ships in the night” hinting the possible change in the way the main characters feel about each other. This song is also sung by BTS V. It contains various emotions if you listen carefully: feelings of hopefulness, uncertainty, regret and love.

玉昭令 (No Boundary) : “白首同倦” 

Sung by 不才 and 栗錦, This song encapsulates elements of forbidden love between a 上仙(goddess) and a 凡人(mortal). Although the two characters are tied together by fate, their love faces many obstacles. However, their longing for each other comes through regardless of how tough their relationship is. The song teaches us to be steadfast in love and overcome all challenges together. Quite a meaningful lesson!

These OSTs are ideal when you decide to take a chill pill, then continue mugging. We must also say, the recommended songs above really add flavour to their respective movies/dramas and fit nicely into the plot too. Hopefully, you’ll be touched by these songs and give their movies and dramas a watch too!

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