EJ Press’ Ultimate CB Eats

Written by: Eliora Tan Yu Xuan (21-E5), Emma Shuen Lee (21-O1), Carissa Aletha Liem (21-I1), Tricia Loh QiuXuan (21-U1), Lian Zhi Qi (21-I1)
Designed by: Tiew Zuo Yuan Richard (21-I2)

We find much comfort and happiness in the food we eat. However, with COVID-19, we are unable to go to restaurants, and constantly ordering in is also not sustainable. We hear you, and compiled a list of some of the most popular food items that people have attempted to make at home. Read on to find out more! 

Avocado Toast

A simple recipe that we all have come to love – the basic mashed avocado spread on toast that took the internet by storm in the 2010s. Eating this on a daily basis used to be a prerequisite for being a trendy teenager and we all probably experienced getting bombarded by a wave of Instagram posts picturing the aesthetically pleasing toast. 

Photo credit: Martha Stewart

Only requiring 2 easily accessible ingredients, people make this their staple food mainly because of its simplicity and deliciousness. Slather the cold mashed avocado spread onto a slice of a warm, crunchy toast, and you have put together a delectable brunch item in a matter of minutes. The toast is so basic that most other ingredients can be paired with it without tasting odd. Cases in point: peanut butter and avocado toast, strawberry jam and avocado toast, and prawn and avocado toast. Why not use your free time to see what other ingredients strangely go well with avocado toast?

Recipe: Mashed avocado and egg toast

Dalgona Coffee

Instant coffee, sugar, milk and a whisk – do these items ring any bells in your head? Unless you resided at the Mariana Trench during circuit breaker last year, you probably know what we’re referring to – Dalgona coffee. Originating from South Korea, the drink went incredibly viral on Tik Tok last year and everybody definitely hopped on the bandwagon, trying their hand at making coffee a different way.

Trying to whip the coffee without an electric whisk can take a long time and is also very taxing, so this is relatively difficult to make if you have no patience. Nonetheless, the ingredients are easy to put together and also largely available at many supermarkets at an affordable price, so it is beginner-friendly for first time coffee makers. Overall, this is a fun and tasty recipe to try at least once!

Vegan Pasta

Recently, we have become increasingly conscious of where our food comes from. On top of the appalling treatment of animals in factory farms, producing meat also means contributing to the buildup of greenhouse gases. Reducing our consumption of these products and going back to a more organic, sustainable plant-based diet can make a huge difference in the long run!


Photo credit: Delish Knowledge 
Photo credit: Delish Knowledge 

So, for those looking for more ethical and healthier alternatives, fret not! While the idea of vegan pasta sounds very sophisticated, it is actually something that can be easily made at home! The ingredients of vegan pasta are definitely affordable and within reach – sea salt, garlic, shallots, vegan parmesan, and vegetables of your choice. Moreover, many recipes say that it can be done in 20-30 minutes, which is perfect for a last minute dinner. 

Recipes: 20 Easy Vegan Pasta Recipes 

Poke Bowls

Originating from Hawaii before becoming popular in the United States and all over the globe (Sushi Shop, 2020), Poke Bowls took the world by storm because of their customisable nature (Poké Bros, 2018), quickly becoming a social media food trend. But…what exactly is Poke? Poke means “to slice or cut” in Hawaiian, and it serves as “a Hawaiian staple and traditional meal that serves raw fish with toppings, salad or on rice” (Poké Bros, 2018). 

Photo credit: Pinterest (@mhyluv)

Poke bowls are not only extremely easy to make at home, one can easily find food stores around Singapore specialising in Poke Bowls. These include the classic Aloha Poke and the favored A Poke Theory, which is Halal. Just like sushi, the ingredients in Poke Bowls can range from nuts and spices to fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s usually a healthy option if one chooses the right ingredients! Since every poke bowl is uniquely catered to one’s taste buds, adjust the taste of your Poke Bowl to your own liking – sweet or savoury! In addition, while raw salmon and avocados, which are the most common ingredients in Poke Bowls, are slightly on the expensive side, most ingredients are perishable and affordable! Lastly, the time taken to prepare each Poke Bowl is also unique, and dependent on the ingredients chosen. 

Recipe: Salmon Poke Bowl Recipe by Tasty 


This classic dish for all the Vietnamese cuisine lovers! When the sweet spices, heady broth and quintessential rice noodles come together, an iconic and flavorful meal is created. While most recognised with boiled beef, pho has undergone an evolution over its nearly 100-year history. During war, when beef was scarce, creative cooks came up with chicken pho (pho ga) and pork pho (pho lon). This gives you a lot of flexibility when choosing ingredients in preparation for this meal!

Photo credit: Marion’s Kitchen

To bring out pho’s true flavour, you have to boil the broth on low heat for 6 to 10 hours, therefore making pho a more difficult dish to cook. However, if you have a day off and wouldn’t mind cooking for your family, this dish is an excellent choice that is definitely worth the effort!

Recipes: Authentic Pho Recipe, Homemade Pho Recipe  


Think of chewy, tangled noodles soaking up the warm broth, a perfectly poached egg, and to top it off: a delicate sheet of nori. Apart from the obvious visual appeal, you cannot deny the feeling of pure satisfaction after slurping up the entire bowl and seeing the sheen of the bottom of the bowl. You’re in luck to find out that this seemingly complex fusion of rich flavours is actually awfully simple to create! For starters, ramen noodles packets can be found virtually anywhere, from convenient stores to Japanese grocery stores (for the authentic ramen lovers). 

Photo Credits: glebekitchen 

There really is no fixed recipe when it comes to ramen, although typical ramen bowls have three main components: noodles, broth and toppings. All this room for creative freedom is left for you to explore! You could spice things up a bit- toss in some sauteed mushrooms, crack an egg in the broth, some even recommend adding a slice of cheese for instant ramen (whether the last one sin or not, you can be the judge of that)!

Instant ramen aside, preparing  a simple bowl of ramen really does not take long, and preparation time typically ranges from ten to thirty minutes. Perfect for when you’re on the run or starving after a long day. Here’s a photograph for proof- one of our Press members attempted to make ramen at home:


Miso Ramen Recipe  

Alternatively, ways to spice up your instant ramen:
Ramen Hacks: Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Instant Noodles 

Bagel (Cream Cheese)

Bagels have long been considered a Jewish specialty item (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2021), and were originally named “begyl”. One would never imagine that a bagel, a trendy food item today, was first invented decades ago in 1610. Similar ring-shaped breads even date back to the 1300s, and originate from a variety of countries, including Italy, Poland and China (Fiegl, 2008).

Photo credit: Dining and Cooking

Bagels are customisable to one’s tastes and preferences, but the most common ingredients included are raw salmon and a generous amount of cream cheese. They are not only filling and delicious, but they take little time to prepare! Simply toast your store-bought bagel and enjoy! Recently, everything bagel seasoning has become popular, so as a final touch, many also sprinkle this mixture of common spices before satisfying their cravings. It’s surely a go-to snack, since anyone can prepare this easily with few ingredients! In addition, store-bought bagels and their ingredients are reasonably priced, and commonly found in bakeries and supermarkets. However, if you choose to make your own bagel by hand, refer to the recipe below, and happy baking!

Recipe: Bagels for brunch recipe 

Banana Bread

Ah, yes. The humble, comfy, classic banana bread. The unanticipated rise of ‘CB bakers’ really took Instagram by storm, now don’t lie, we were all there to witness it first hand. You open Instagram, only to see your feed being FLOODED with baked goods. Out of the many recipes that our fellow self-proclaimed home chefs turned to, banana bread stands out as a clear must-try. Because really, who doesn’t love banana bread? It’s such an iconic comfort food- eating it always warms you up a bit on the inside. If that alone was not convincing enough, here’s another plus point: It requires only an hour or so to prepare. Banana bread is one every beginner’s bucket list, and it really should be on yours too. 

Photo Credit: The Little Veggie Korean

You see, banana bread is perfectly versatile. You could be a more fluffy and light cake lover, Or you want a more dense, ‘melt-in-your mouth’ consistency. Regardless, banana bread doesn’t discriminate. With only 6 basic ingredients, the recipe can be easily tweaked to suit your preference!  Maybe try using melted butter. Works wonders, apparently.

Photo Credit: The Little Veggie Korean

There’s really nothing to lose when it comes to banana bread. After all, you really can’t go wrong when it comes to bananas can you?


BA’s Best Banana Bread Recipe | Bon Appétit 

My Favorite Banana Bread Recipe | Sally’s Baking Addiction 

Cloud Bread

Cloud bread – a Tik Tok cooking craze that took over the Internet during circuit breaker last year and rightfully so! It has a delightfully unique texture, simple ingredients and most importantly, adorable and extra pretty colours. It seemed to be THE snack for anyone looking to do some quarantine cooking. With only 3 main ingredients – egg whites, sugar and cornstarch, it is definitely affordable and easy to make. Though it is not the most accurate swap for normal, “conventional” bread, its cotton-candy like texture actually is a welcome addition, especially considering how biting into it is reminiscent of biting into its namesake, a piece of fluffy cloud! With a hand mixer, you would be able to whip this snack up and finish baking it in under half an hour. 

If you want a more substantial snack, the Internet has made it their task to include their own twists; cloud bread waffles, cloud bread pizzas and even cloud bread hot dog rolls, which substitutes hot dog buns for cloud bread. Overall, the possibilities are endless and sky’s the limit (pun intended) if you do want to pair it with other toppings. This snack is absolutely worth a try if you are looking for something carb-free, affordable and easy to make!

Recipes: Cloud Bread Recipe


Croffles are a Korean cafe staple that has gone viral on the Internet and is now a must-have in many trendy cafes here in Singapore! So, how difficult is it to make your own at home? Firstly, the name is pretty much self-explanatory and you would need a waffle iron and a croissant to make this sought-after snack. Waffle irons can be quite pricey so if you do not have one readily available to you, it might be a better idea to try this in a cafe instead. However, if you do have a waffle iron, it is surprisingly easy to make and you only need a few simple ingredients: store bought puff pastry, chocolate spread and fresh fruits. The garnishes are, of course, optional and customisable to taste, so you really only need one main ingredient. 

Now, you only need to roll the pastry to the shape of a croissant and press it into the waffle iron for 4-5 minutes and voila! You have got yourself a croffle! Garnish according to taste and you have a cafe staple right in the comfort of your own home. If you are willing to invest in a waffle iron, this is a definite must-try and though it might appear to be fancy or difficult to make, the recipe is actually quite simple and straightforward! 

Recipes: Croffles – Croissant Waffles


So there you have it! Ten delicious recipes to try out over the weekend that you can share with your friends and family. And if you don’t get it right the first time, that’s okay! It’s the process that matters. Enjoy!


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