Orientation: Level Up’22!

From the spirited cheering to the mass dances to the cacophonies of laughter, Orientation ‘22 was nothing short of exhilarating. With fun-filled games and the lively atmosphere of Orientation helped to break the ice between the J1s. Many Eunoians would agree that orientation is one of the highlights of their JC experience and it is definitely an indispensable one indeed. 

But behind the success of Orientation ‘22 was an enormous team of almost 200 J2s who worked tremendously hard to make Level Up 2022 such a resounding success. Let us take a trip down memory lane to understand how they made all of these possible! 

Level Zero: Behind-the-scenes

The preparations for Orientation ‘22 started way back in Term 3 of 2021 when the Orientation Exco team was elected. The bulk of the Orientation Team (OT) including orientation group leaders, committee members and station masters came on board in October. 

November and December was filled with countless sessions of workdays, dry runs and game trials as the Orientation team strived to make Orientation ‘22 a blast for the incoming J1s. As Imran, the one of the OICs of Orientation recalled, “A challenging aspect of planning orientation was communication; liaising with the many parties who wanted what’s best for their people, and at the same time balancing the needs of all Eunoians involved in the project.” 

In spite of the numerous workdays the OT had to endure, many of them remarked that they had no regrets being part of this huge project and it was truly an unforgettable experience, with Imran adding that, “Personally, I felt the pressure to make our juniors feel comfortable in our college environment, myself having not the easiest transition into EJC. I’m glad we relied on each other in our little J2 community to overcome these challenges.”

A vital factor of success for this year’s Orientation was the theme, encapsulated by the catchy two-word phrase, “LEVEL UP”. A lot of thought was put into coming up with a theme that resonated with Eunoians, and as Imran commented, “As opposed to choosing a foreign word that might’ve been difficult to catch on, “LEVEL UP” was a quick, catchy and comprehensible phrase [in which] the message of growth embedded in it is a powerful one; that Eunoians may grow in various domains of their lives and thrive in EJC.” The other key component of the theme would be community, a source of strength that Imran has come to cherish by the end of his J1 year, and the overarching message was that “Eunoians don’t need to find our way alone—we have so many people by our side to support us through our growth.”

This sense of community was also reinforced by the novel and eye-catching publicity storyline written by the Publicity Committee. Publicity member Chern Hong who was part of the team who ideated the Orientation storyline remarked, “We remembered what we felt as J1s, and wanted to model our storyline on some challenges that the J1s might face during orientation. We hope that through our storyline, we can encourage the J1s that while the transition into JC may be difficult, they are never alone and there are always Great Protectors and Guides that will be there for them along the way!”

Level One: OG Orientation

At the crack of dawn, a stream of students donning different uniforms began making their way into the gates of Eunoia. These fresh faces of people who would soon call EJ their second home resembled baby birds at that point in time – some lost, some a little frightened in this foreign land, yet all of them were looking in anticipation of what was to come. 

Photo Credit: Ananya Gupta, EJC Media

Similarly, OT members gathered in the Multi-Purpose Hall were brimming with excitement, looking on to these J1s whom they would be taking under their wing for the next 5 days. This is it. The gruelling months of seemingly endless work that they have put in will finally come to fruition.

The first day of events commenced with the icebreaker event ‘Hello Stranger’, where OGs played a series of games and completed challenges with each other. The name of this event was extremely appropriate as this bunch of people who had never met before were required to interact with one another. Inevitably, it was slightly awkward and even uncomfortable for them at the start. Yet, with the OGLs egging them on, facilitating the conversation and making everyone feel more at ease, these OGLings who were once lost became just that bit closer. 

Photo Credit: Long Wen Xi, EJC Media

Over the course of the next few days, OGs were involved in countless games which are the brainchild of the Programmes Committee. Even with the suffocating SMMs in place, they still managed to ideate numerous fun and innovative games that bonded the OGLings together. 

Photo credit: Tiffany Lim, EJC Media

“The most difficult thing as a station master to me is at many times not the management and running of the games per se, but rather managing the safety of the OGlings that are playing the games,” Station Master Ng Jian Rui (21-E1) reflects pensively about his role. “As SMs, it is our job to step in and tell them to pause, spread out and remind them about the SMMs.” 

Although constantly reminding OGlings to maintain SMMs while they are having fun may seem like a wet blanket, the OT still does it because of their sense of leadership that had been honed throughout the preparation of orientation. 

Throughout the days of OG orientation, the bonds of each OG were evidently stronger and stronger. From the light teasing to the heartwarming encouragement they shared with one another, from the countless selfies taken to the bursts of laughter in the canteen during lunch, these OGs have come a long way from being unfamiliar individuals to one big community.

Photo Credit: Chung Hoseung, EJC Media

Level Two: CG Orientation

Even on the final day of Level Up’22, there were new beginnings. Entering school in their new ‘armour’, their white batch shirts, J1s met their fellow classmates for the first time. Despite not knowing each other beforehand, the J1s were quick to break the ice and the environment was louder and livelier than before!

As the final part of the storyline, J1s worked together to defeat El Odium, the main antagonist of Eunopolis.

The highlight of the day was definitely the J1’s induction into their respective houses. When the J1s changed out of their batch shirts into their very own house shirts, the sea of white transformed into a dazzling spectrum of colours, reflecting a poignant moment of J1s growing as one Eunoia while individually embracing their house culture and identity. 

Photo Credit: Ananya Gupta, EJC Media

Adding on to the excitement was the House Walk-Ins and House Commencement events! Across the school, the music and energy was truly unmatched (vibes were immaculate). Everyone was taken away by how the houses embodied and presented their house spirit.

Photo Credit: Lai Wing Hyun, EJC Media

Final Level: Wrap-Up & Reflections 

With the final event taking place, the last dance of the century, and the last time the OT had the chance to gather together for a debrief, Orientation was over. 

Perhaps it was the setting of the sun or the murmurs of goodbyes that evoked emotions of sorrow and relief in many.  

“Looking at the emotions that have been slowly building up through working together for four months finally being laid bare, the bittersweet tears, the laughs, the words of affirmation and promises to never forget each other really made me think [this] was all so worth it,” Jian Rui remarks. 

Besides the OGLings, the OT has also connected with each other on a deeper level, having been one another’s lifeline during orientation.

Photo credit: Claudia Wee, EJC Media

“I envisioned that Programme Comm [would be] like a family where everyone can share their thoughts and visions for [orientation] freely,” Programmes In-Charge Claire Lee (21-U1) reflects. She adds, “I truly think that we are a family that has fun, stresses out and works through any troubles together!” 

Even though orientation should not have been coterminous with a pandemic, the OT managed to surmount all odds and pull off this spectacular event. As Orientation teachers-in-charge Mr Justin Lim and Ms Sandra Chan aptly put it, “They became great role models for the J1s, and have truly ‘levelled up’ as seniors”. Their adaptability, openness as well as perseverance is commendable! 

Without the verve of the OGLings, Orientation could not have succeeded as well. “The road ahead is yours to shape and make the best of.”. These additional words from the teachers-in-charge perfectly sum up the J1s journey through EJ after this orientation. 

Everyone came into orientation unknowing and unsure of what they could expect. It is safe to say that they have all developed individually and came out of Orientation with much, much more. 

Level Up ‘22: Quest complete! 

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