2022 A Level Results Release

Written by: Aaron Wong Jielun (21-I4), He Jizhao (21-U5), Harel Tan Zunn Yong (21-I2), Jachin Khoo Yangxun (21-U5), Liew Yi Xuan (21-E1), Nigel Ng Ngan Siang (21-A3), Tan Le Kai (21-I4)

Designed by: Rakshita Murugan (21-E1)

A Twosday to Conclude a Two-Year Journey

Photo Credit: Ananya Gupta, EJC Media

As the world celebrated the special palindrome of a date (22/2/2022!), it was an especially significant day for our JC3s who recently graduated! From the perspective of us juniors, our seniors showed spectacular tenacity in this tumultuous and intense run-up to the final examination of their structured education; especially in dealing with school closures due to the Delta variant.

Go sing, too loud

Make your voice break

Sing it out.

As the nostalgic lead-in music played, the graduating JC3s slowly made their way to their classrooms. 

Having listened to this song every morning for the past two years and this being the last time, “It brought back [memories] of the time not too long ago, coming to school with my classmates, and being late for school,” Jacqueline Fong, a graduating JC3, ruminated. 

The feeling of sentimentality is one shared by both teachers and students.

“It is always happy to see students coming back,” Mr Felix Lim, who has been teaching for 20-odd years, commented.

As they gathered in the classrooms for the last time in their CGs, there was a palpable atmosphere of anticipation that just emanated throughout the college. It was heartwarming to see that even after going their separate ways (as visible from the army uniforms sported by some of the guys), they were still able to show their gratitude and support to their teachers and classmates who had been with them every step of the way. This is what truly represents Eunoia!

Photo Credit: Lai Wing hyun, EJC Media

This much-awaited event kicked off with a warm welcome-back address by our new Principal, Mr Andrew Tan, as well as our previous Principal, Mrs Wong. The transition from old to new was truly felt at this moment, as the graduating students awaited to embark on their new journey. Congratulations were given by both Principals, as students listened with growing excitement.

The JC2 Dean of 2021, Mr Ganison, then proceeded to highlight the metaphor of nurturing plants and presented budding seeds of plants to represent growth. Just as Mr Ganison described, the J3s “sowed the seeds, watered them” and are now awarded with the fruits of their labour. Scholarship options were then shared, as many contemplated their next move with the future ahead. 

Mr Ganison then released the overview of class of 2021’s academic performance and commended the JC3s’ efforts in their two-year journey. Applause and cheers could be heard throughout the school, especially as excitement and celebration peaked for some subjects with exceptional results. 

Photo Credit: Ananya Gupta, EJC Media

Shortly after the exciting overview, a sense of suspense rose in every classroom as each JC3 anticipated receiving their results. Some cringed in their seats while waiting; some were murmuring with their friends and some were even giving out soft toys to help their friends deal with the anxiety. As an anonymous male J3 quipped, “It’s sort of funny to see everyone in casual attire, anxious to get their results. I kind of feel the anxiety too, [but] I feel excited to be in this old setting again.”

After an excruciating wait, the moment of truth was finally there. To many, this was a moment of liberation; to others, it was just a stepping stone to their next phase in life. One by one, the graduating students walked up to their teachers and received their results. Regardless of the results, the true ending of their tumultuous A Level journey was finally at hand.

The End Result

Photo Credit: Boo Qian Ning, EJC Media

The weight they held in their hands felt much heavier than mere slips of paper. Some were afraid to open their certificate books, while others flipped them open eagerly. During this time, the atmosphere greatly varied from class to class, and person to person, as everyone processed their results in their own different ways.

There were some who excitedly looked through their results with their friends in big groups, with cheers of joy and shrieks of happiness as the marks were revealed. 

“I want to thank all my classmates for helping me out during the 2 years and my teachers for their (academic) advice. I am ecstatic.” Qing Xiao Peng of 20-I4 was spotted with particular elation which found expression in his joyous leaps.

Other emotions were observed too. Some teared up, with their friends comforting them, to reassure them that it would be OK. Feelings of sadness and disappointment were common as well. Some people also stepped outside to the corridor to have a private space to process their results on their own. Phone calls were made, both to share the momentous news with friends and family, and to seek comfort from loved ones. Tears of both joy and sadness were shed.

The End… and the Beginning

As JC2s ourselves this year, we are all too aware that pretty soon, we will be in the exact same shoes as our seniors. With our own workload and stress piling up, we are all in awe of the courage and determination displayed by our seniors. As Mr Lim nicely sums up: “work hard, look forward, don’t wait till the last minute”.

We want to celebrate the efforts and struggles of everyone that sat for (as well as those who did not get to sit for) the A Levels: those who attained their desired grades, as well as those who did not. Even for the people whose journeys may not have turned out how they expected it to, we believe that all our seniors will forge the best paths for themselves.

As a JC3 (who wished to be anonymous) himself put it, “I think the most important thing is to keep moving forward. Even if you do badly, you have to go forward and take your next step in life.”

On behalf of all the JC2s, we wish our seniors all the best in their years ahead!

Photo Credit: Ananya Gupta, EJC Media

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