Sick Beats – Christmas Edition

Written by: Angelica Chiw (22-I6), Ashley Chean (22-O1), Benedict Keng (22-U3), Brandon Ng (22-E4), Cheng Zhi Shan (22-U1), Chloe Tan (22-I6), Darius Chen (22-E4), Eris Kek (22-I6), Rebecca Yap (22-O1), Sophia Chiang (22-O1)

Designed by: Angelica Chiw (22-I6), Benedict Keng (22-U3), Brandon Ng (22-E4), Cheng Zhi Shan (22-U1), Chloe Tan (22-I6), Darius Chen (22-E4), Eris Kek (22-I6), Rebecca Yap (22-O1), Sophia Chiang (22-O1)


Ho Ho Ho! Christmas is just 12 days away and what better way to celebrate than with Christmas carols! As we celebrate the season of giving, we are giving back to you, our beloved readers, an advent calendar of Christmas jingles. Featuring both classic and modern tunes, we present you with 12 tunes for each day leading up to Christmas. 

December 14th – It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas

Originally written in 1951 by Meredith Wilson, It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas prompts listeners to immerse themselves in the merry sights and spirits of a town preparing for Christmas. From descriptions of ‘candy canes and silver lanes’ to ‘toys in every store’, one can delightfully imagine themselves being transported to a winter wonderland, all the while anticipating the start of Christmas. As a song that can put you in the mood for festive celebrations, we hope that you will tear yourselves away from the dreariness of rainy seasons and enter a new season, with hot chocolate in your hands!

December 15th – Last Christmas

Upon its initial release in 1984, “Last Christmas” spent five consecutive weeks at number two on the UK Singles Chart. Although it was never number 1, it is the number 1 Christmas song in my heart. Earlier in 1984, Michael had broken Wham! free of their exploitative recording contract. He then began taking complete creative control of his musical output. From synths to sleighbells, he wrote, played, produced and recorded every note of “Last Christmas”. Its groovy and danceable instrumental along with its lyrics detailing a Christmas heartbreak makes it a certified classic. 

December 16th – Joy

Joy is a digital single released by NCT Dream in 2017. Combining classics like Joy to the World and Jingle Bells, NCT Dream seamlessly weaves together these songs to form an entirely new and unique song, with rap elements in place as well. If you feel like listening to old-time classic Christmas songs with added twists, or if you are a huge fan of K-pop, this song is definitely for you. The upbeat melody and catchy lyrics of this song is sure to hook you in, and we hope that your Christmas (and the rest of the year) is filled with joy!

December 17th – Feliz Navidad

Feliz Navidad. Surely you sang that out loud, right? Released in 1970, this timeless classic needs no introduction. Comprising only 4 lines and 19 words, the joyful, upbeat melody coupled with the heartfelt vocals of Puerto Rican singer, José Feliciano, delivers the message that is the song’s title, Feliz Navidad, which means Merry Christmas in Spanish. The song birthed from Feliciano’s loneliness and homesickness, as he spent Christmas away from home, reminiscing times when he would spend the holidays drinking and carolling with loved ones. Singing along to this song will have you wishing your loved ones a merry Christmas from the bottom of your heart!

December 18th – Christmas Wrapping

A Holiday Spotify Single from jawny, Christmas Wrapping is a modern Christmas song. With just over a million streams on Spotify, it is a Christmas beat that many have not heard of. However, the upbeat and exciting melody of the song is guaranteed to hook you in for the whole duration of the song. Reminiscent of the melody of Christmas Classics, it also ties in a modern element to it, making it a unique Christmas tune. “Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, but I think I’ll miss this one this year.” While it may not be Christmas yet, we hope you have a memorable Christmas!

December 19th – Christmas Saves the Year

Their first Christmas single, Twenty One Pilots released Christmas Saves the Year in 2020, in the midst of the global pandemic and major hardships that had occurred throughout that year. The band sings of how everyone longs to be with family and friends during Christmastime, referencing typical Christmas traditions with the lyric “everybody’s got somebody who’s got their name on a shelf”, referring to the practice of hanging a stocking with your name on it on a shelf during Christmas. Ultimately, the song talks about how Christmas brings joy with it no matter how difficult the year has been, and that the celebration is a source of comfort in trying times because of its message of hope and family. As you listen to this song, we hope you cherish the time spent this holiday with friends and family!

December 20th – Baby It’s Cold Outside

The jazzy, relaxed feel of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” paired with the smooth, thick vocals of Idina Menzel and Michael Buble is the perfect welcome to the joyous, bubbly Christmas season, as we draw closer to Christmas. The classic, well-loved Christmas singers collaborate together on this romantic, deep red piece, perfectly complimenting each others’ warm, luscious tone. This song is perfect to curl up in an armchair and fantasise about an icy cold, cosy Christmas that unfortunately, we would probably never get to experience. We hope you enjoy this light, flirtatious piece as much as we do!

December 21st – I’m Gonna Be Loved – This Christmas

Although one tends to associate Christmas with winter and snow, this isn’t a reality for most of us, as we spend our Christmases in sunny Singapore. Local favourites The Sam Willows thus present a Christmas song with a Singaporean twist, singing of a Christmas we are all too familiar with, including lyrics such as ‘you dreamed of snow but you were born where snow is on TV’. The lyrics also talk of a simple Christmas with little physical gifts, but filled with dreams, magic, hope and love, conveying what the band believes is the true meaning of Christmas. We hope as you listen to this song you learn to love Christmas on our sunny island nation as well, cherishing the time you spend with family and friends!

December 22nd – Christmas Tree Farm

Christmas Tree Farm is an upbeat yet heartwarming Christmas song which is made relatable to many people as they can connect to it on a more personal level. Written by Taylor Swift, this song reminisces the nostalgic memories of a childhood Christmas. In the music video, viewers are taken back to the past through the lens of Taylor Swift as they witness the festivities of her childhood and understand her Christmas experience on a more intimate level. This song embeds musical elements of pop and seasonal tunes that keeps you wanting  more! With this song to listen to so near Christmas, you are for sure to get into the festive Christmas mood! 

December 23rd – Underneath the Tree

Despite the wide range of Christmas tunes in Kelly Clarkson’s catalogue, Underneath the Tree is a classic Christmastime staple. Especially with its upbeat chorus and catchy high notes throughout the entire song, which is different from most traditional Christmas songs, this hit has charted on the Hot 100 every year since its release, further cementing Clarkson’s status as a singer with true vocal prowess and with the ability to release hit after hit. Here’s hoping you sing your heart out to this song, and have all your wishes fulfilled underneath the tree! Have a very merry day before Christmas Eve!

December 24th – Rockin Around the Christmas Tree

‘Rockin Around the Christmas Tree’, a classic released in 1958 by Brenda Lee brings cheerful holiday fever every December. Did you know that it is often mistaken as a Justin Bieber single as his cover of this two-minute hit song went viral? Even after around six decades, this remains as Brenda’s signature song. It is a chart-topper and the appeal energises listeners, making them feel like dancing. She was only 13 when she recorded this song and made one of the most famous Christmas hits of all time. It is surely one of the best Christmas songs that immediately encompasses you with warmth and spirit! You should definitely listen to it this Christmas! 

December 25th – All I Want For Christmas is You

And finally, for the grand day itself, we recommend the all-time classic — ‘All I Want For Christmas is You’! Released in 1994 by Mariah Carey, it has since become a staple for every Christmas playlist and has made the charts every single holiday season. Honestly, if you haven’t heard of this song, you’ve probably been living under a rock! Starting with an iconic series of xylophone notes chiming, the song opens with a soulful tune from Carey that would make even the meanest of Grinches want to sing along. The song continues with a catchy beat backed by the jingle of sleigh bells, immersing everyone into the spirit of Christmas almost immediately. In fact, this song is so hypnotically Christmas-y that it has broken the Guinness World Record in 2020 for ‘Most streamed track on Spotify in 24 hours’! Although overtaken by Adele’s ‘Easy On Me’ in 2021, with the help of our wonderful readers (yes, you!) we could help rocket the queen of Christmas music to the top once more! Merry Christmas!


With that, we have come to the end of our 12 Days of Christmas! We hope that you’ll have a holly jolly Christmas listening to our songs and have a Happy New Year!

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