A-Level Results Release 2023

Written by: Yam Lok Sum (22-A1), Alexia Teo (22-U1)

Designed by: Alexia Teo (22-U1)

For many JC2 graduates across the island, 17 February was a day marked on their calendars with much anxiety and anticipation. Our Eunoians were no  exception and were seen streaming back to the campus that they had grown familiar with over their 2 years. 

This year was novel, in the sense that it marked the return of a joint results release ever since COVID-19, where the release of results in the previous few years was done in smaller groups in class. This year, the whole cohort received their results together in the MPH. 

Their arrival was a slow trickle at first, but more students were subsequently seen gathered at the symposia and around the canteen. 

Friends took final class pictures as they waited for their results that would inevitably mark a divergence in their lives. “I’m so scared” and “What if I don’t get an A?” were echoed in many conversations. To further support the next chapter in students’ education, local university booths were set up outside the MPH  to promote their offerings. Teachers bustled about carrying boxes of certificates, in preparation for their imminent release. 

As 2.00pm approached, the all too familiar music marking the start of Period Zero played through the sound system to usher the mass of students into the MPH. The sea of students (dotted with newly bald heads) filed into rows according to their classes,  with their CTs giving them a warm welcome back. 

The release of results was preceded by a customary speech by our principal Mr Andrew Tan. He welcomed back our beloved seniors, and subsequently revealed the cohort’s mean and median performance statistics. “Your grades do not define you, remember that there is more to life”, he assured. Chatters of excitement spread through the venue as students began engaging in discussions.

After half an hour, the results were individually distributed to students by their teachers. The culmination of 2 years’ worth of hard work lay neatly in their certificate books. Cheers of glee were heard in the hall, even as there were grimaces of disappointment and teary eyes. Friends rallied together to celebrate, provide comfort, and both. This display of solidarity and unity built over the 2 years was heartening to see. 

No matter what, we were proud and happy for our seniors who had concluded this defining period of their life. It no doubt took much hard work and perseverance, which we felt were more important takeaways, trumping any score.

As J2s, we are aware that we will be in the exact same position in a year’s time and that thought had stirred many mixed emotions and much trepidation. Seeing how our seniors had ‘survived’ their journey and were met with joy and freedom at the end, we felt a new sense of purpose and strength in our A-level journey. 

When asked about advice he would give to his juniors, Aaron Wong (21-I4) recounted, “Looking back at my experience in JC, I’ve taken away so much more than just the knowledge to scribble on an exam paper. Whatever happens, remember that A’s isn’t the sole meaning behind your time here. Just try your best and cherish these fleeting 2 years!”

Be brave. Be strong. But at the end of it all, enjoy the process. 

Author: The Origin*

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