European Super League

Written by: Jachin Khoo (21-U5), Joshua Tan (21-I1), Nigel Ng (21-A3)

Designed by: Rebecca Yap (22-O1)

Essentially a controversial proposal to include 15 founding members and 5 more based on their performance in their respective domestic leagues. 

U would have thought it works like other established football leagues right? Oh hell no, the idea of permanence was favoured over relegation.

Recently, it has caused a huge stir among football fans, with some even storming into the stadiums of the clubs they support!

Opinions were heavily divided, from a financial standpoint, it does seem logical, but fans were disagreeable.

Potentially ruining the beautiful game’, was a claim made by football fans all over the world

Essence of the sport was heavily diluted, as club owners were motivated by greed

A compromise must never be reached’

Never support the super league’, echoed the fans unanimously. The fans were firm in their resolution.

Saw the end, most clubs did

Under the pressure from fans and players who spoke with one voice, most clubs withdrew from the league, with Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus still remaining

Problems still existing, with money running dry due to the pandemic

Especially urgent is the cash, as cold as ice

Real dilemmas arise 

Like never in a million years would such a ridiculous money making “cartel” be plausible

Eager to start playing again, this time with more gusto

A sigh of relief, as the pandemic raged less violently. Matches could be played, this time with the fans

Good progress has been made, particularly how the pandemic is handled

Unfortunate to have such irresponsible owners at the helms of such major clubs

Elitism is never forgiven, as clubs reached a common consensus to receive the necessary punishment.

The End

Author: The Origin*

With great power comes great responsibility.

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