Our Members

Our Members

Learn more about the members of the Eunoia Junior College Press. This page serves as a collection of biographies (and memories) of members past and present.

Class of 2022

Executive Committee (2020-2021)

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From left: Aaron, Tricia, Emma and Ashley.

Tricia Loh (Editor-in-Chief, 2021-2022)

On the verge of a break-up with her cat. Also too enthusiastic about Press for some reason.

Aaron Wong (Deputy Editor-in-Chief, 2021-2022)

Likes video games. Likes writing. LOVES video game writing.

Emma Lee (Secretary, 2021-2022)

In my hehe era. (unironic)

Ashley Lay (Chief Designer, 2021-2022)

Water tastes better at room temperature but I like cold drinks.

Periscope Committee

IMG_0036 Edited

From left: Elizabeth, Richard, Yuning, Zexel, Aaron, Emma, Jizhao and Ashley lay (not featured).

He Jizhao (Periscope Committee Head, 2021-2022)

A tall boy passionate about current affairs and maths.

Elizabeth Khoo

Luv food n shopping n doggy. Beef jerky junky.

Zuo Yuning

Lazy, sleepy, dunno what I’m doing: this is 90% accurate, for the rest is left for life’s more enjoyable part.

Zexel Lim

Another one of those tall kids, last seen: with a can of coffee.

Richard Tiew

I speak only the language of the universe – math.

Katelyn Joshy

Mega Olivia Rodrigo fan and currently in the midst of a K-drama phase, don’t disturb.


¿? sick beats ?¿ 

IMG_0039 Edited

From left: Ashley Koh, Nigel, Joshua, Tricia and Zhi Qi (not featured).

Ashley Koh (¿?sick beats?¿ Committee Head, 2021-2022)

My head’s always in the clouds. Maybe that’s why I like reading and writing fiction.

Nigel Ng 

Bird nest on the top of my head.

Joshua Tan

Stayin’ Alive by the Bee Gees will probably be a tad bit more relatable this year.

Lian Zhi Qi

My only personality trait is @breadbestcarb


Agony Aunt Agatha (AAA)

IMG_0022 Edited

Row 1, from left: Leanne, Le Kai, Jachin, Harel, Jervis and Jolina.

Row 2: Yi Xuan, Eliora, Carissa and Jacynthe.


Liew Yi Xuan (AAA Committee Head, 2021-2022)

Has the ability to sleep anywhere, even while standing.


Probably off stress baking cookies.

Tan Le Kai

Still thinking of a bio to write. Could I send it later?

Jachin Khoo

Sleepy insomniac.

Harel Tan

If I were an animal, I would be a rock.

Jervis Ch’ng

Somehow alive on 4 hours of sleep.

Jolina Nair

Self-proclaimed cinephile. Perpetually tired and zones out more often than not.

Eliora Tan

Pasta addict.

Carissa Liem

Halfway through every sitcom on Netflix.


I find something interesting and boom suddenly its my whole personality.

Kaleidoscope (KSOL)

IMG_0058 Edited

From Top Left: Le Kai, Yuning, Ashley Koh, Katelyn, Tricia, Aaron and Nigel.

Katelyn Joshy (Kaleidoscope Committee Head, 2021-2022)



Class of 2021

Executive Committee (2020-2021)


From left: Teck Zhong, Anusha, Leia and Jace.

Jace Bong (Editor-in-Chief, 2020-2021)

Grammarly-toting, Stuff’d-eating, HELM mugger hoping to bring EJC Press to greater heights.

Leia Ong (Deputy Editor-in-Chief, 2020-2021)

Where words fail, music speaks!

Ng Teck Zhong (Secretary, 2020-2021)

Life’s a Never-Ending Song.

Kothandam Anusha (Chief Designer, 2020-2021)

The biggest lie I tell myself is “I don’t need to write it down, I’ll remember it”.


Periscope Committee

Design Committee


Design Committee


From left: Sargun, Jolene, En Xi.

Poh En Xi

Living like a fish out of water.

Jolene Leow

I’m probably freaking out about something right now.

Sargun Kaur

May not be perfect but would definitely try✌️


Writing Committee


From left: Nicole, Martha, Jovan.

Nicole Chao

Scrolling through Netflix for 2 hours without watching anything is a personality trait.

Martha Soetedjo

Most likely sleep-deprived.

Jovan Lim

“It is astonishing how much enjoyment one can get out of a language that one understands imperfectly.” – Basil Gildersleeve



From left: Nicholas, Curtis.

Nicholas Young

Just went to check this page out, am surprised such a thing exists – hello there.

Curtis Neo

Reciprocating appreciation.



From left: Karenin, Pheobe, Heather.

Karenin Lee

Cloudy days and joyful mood.

Pheobe Ong

Early to school, can often be found passed out in the classroom next to a sugar-filled drink (or coffee, though that’s a terrible substitute).

Heather Leong

Not the Heather you wanna be 🔫🔫



From left: Yu Wei, Tien Ee.

Tan Yu Wei

I enjoy watching football.

Chong Tien Ee

I like to read.



From left: Zenov, Iwin, Lennon.

Zenov Liu

Rainy nights with my guitar are the best.

Soh Iwin

A packet of Wok Hey fried rice with tobiko makes me happy any day, but H2 math and UNSC’s better :>

Lennon Chua

I wish to live in a fictitious world.



Class of 2020

Executive Committee (2019-2020)

2019.9.16 press exco photo 2.jpeg

From left: Ernest Tan, Aloysius Tng, Beverly Tan and Jo Yeoul.

Aloysius Tng (Editor-in-Chief, 2019-2020)

Aloysius is currently the Editor-In-Chief of EJC Press, struggling to manage this newfound responsibility. He was an epikgamer but Press has given him a new purpose and he now spends his days planning CCA sessions and working on “unique” articles. When not planning and performing administrative duties with the rest of the Executive Committee, he can be found keeping a watchful eye over the rest of the members to make sure they don’t slack. Being president comes with great responsibility and he hopes to live up to his seniors’ expectations and achieve the great dream of independence. [In Press to imPress 🙂].

Ernest Tan (Deputy Editor-in-Chief, 2019-2020)

Ernest currently serves as Deputy Editor-in-chief of EJC Press. In a perpetual state of desperation, he can be found correcting grammar, word choice and facts in Press articles (especially those involving apostrophes). He might also be seen walking in a zombie-like fashion, a common aftereffect of prolonged sleep deprivation. Despite this, he is voluntarily (and haphazardly) committed to the Bicultural Studies Programme (Chinese), the Eunoia Strategic Affairs Society (E-SAS), volunteer work, and a 30-page Model United Nations (MUN) research guide. He hence hopes that you forgive him for grammatical errors or excessive commas (or brackets) here, period. 

Beverly Tan (Secretary, 2019-2020)

Beverly is the current Secretary of EJC Press, overseeing the publications of articles on The Origin*. Despite standing at a measly height of 5’2, Beverly’s love for writing is insurmountable. On top of her role in EJC Press, she is also an EJ Ambassador and Bicultural Studies Programme (Chinese) student. When she’s not calling people out for not adhering to deadlines, one can find Beverly rewatching BBC’s Sherlock and scrolling through MBTI memes, while sipping a cup of piping hot Earl Grey tea. 

Jo Yeoul (Chief Designer, 2019-2020)

Rarely spotted during CCA sessions, Jo is often glued to her seat in the library and busily clicking away at the wireless mouse with her Design Committee. Being the Head of Design has certainly helped her hone new skills, including time control as her team is able to produce designs three times (sometimes even more) a week, which is near impossible. She is generally an agreeable person, but will be easily angered if she is not informed about her deadlines at least three days prior. Fun fact: she lies about her ethnicity all the time. 

Design Committee

design comm member bio photo

From left: Lee En Tong and Athena Lim.

Athena Lim 

Athena, or sometimes known as Meep, is proudly part of the Design Committee of EJC Press, working with Photoshop and her trusty phone. She sorely wishes that she is informed about future designs earlier, though. Despite being named after the Greek goddess of wisdom, she is anything but wise, as her usual order at the café would tell you (“Spicy Korean Noodles – dry, 3-times spicy!”). Besides designing, she has an unhealthy obsession with Pokémon and chocolate, and can often be found doodling on her notebooks or worksheets.

Lee En Tong 

Interested in healthcare, En Tong is currently taking Bah Chor Mee (BCME). Besides working on Humans of Eunoia, she can often be found designing article covers with Jo and Athena in the library and is counting on her beginner’s luck to make Photoshop cooperate with her #designcommbestcomm. In her spare time, En Tong enjoys talking, travelling, reading and watching shows on Netflix (B99!!) to name a few. When frustrated by school work, she likes to vacuum the house and perfect the best chai latte. If you ever see her stoning, she’s not stressed, she’s either just thinking about what to eat next or taking in the world around her. 

Writing Committee

sean yew dillon keng yan member bio photo.jpeg

From left: Wong Sean Yew, Dillon Phang, Lee Keng Yan

Dillon Phang

Dillon really doesn’t know how to introduce himself here. He is a PCME student, like most of the cohort. This third-person perspective sounds very pretentious to him. He can often be found lamenting about everything in Eunoia, from a horrendous timetable to the overwhelming content from his subjects, especially Economics. Press is a haven for him to escape his studies.

Lee Keng Yan 

Keng Yan is suffering from Autocorrect. He hand-cranks Grammarly on some articles you see here on The Origin*, complaining about his old bones and stiff joints, as well as his perpetually empty wallet. If you run into him on his job as a loan shark, remember that he hasn’t done anything significant except edit a few articles, and loan out his jacket. He needs a packet of Vitasoy.

Wong Sean Yew 

Plagued by sleep deprivation and poor time management, Sean Yew is just your typical PCME student trying to make his way through JC, albeit with abysmal results. As a writer for Press, Sean Yew can often be found finding and writing new content for Periscope, despite his less than desirable GP grade. Sean Yew is often subjected to the superior language skills of the Deputy Editor, and is often incredulous at his ridiculous demands. In his free time, Sean Yew often procrastinates (excessively) by listening to Sabaton, scrolling through Reddit and watching YouTube.

keyang xin rong member bio photo.jpeg

From left: Zhao Keyang and Li Xin Rong.

Li Xin Rong

Xin Rong is a PCML student. Part of the Writer’s Committee, she started a new series called Humans of Eunoia with En Tong, and hopes to cover opinion pieces soon. Often mistaken for her twin, her efforts to correct them have hopefully paid off. She is passionate about her numerous (and fickle) writing projects. In her free time, she likes to read biographies of doctors who have revelations about their medical practice, historical worldviews, and also draws realism art as a hobby. She is always tired, however, and cannot lay claim to much achievement in her clumsy endeavours.

Ke Yang (@z.keyang)

Keyang is a THEM student who always does her work at the last minute but still mostly manages to hand them up on time. Despite not being proficient at languages, she decided to study Translation and is now suffering the consequences of her decision.  As an introvert, one of Keyang’s greatest fears is to speak in front of a group of people and she would like to as much as possible refrain from public speaking. After being ‘coerced’ into joining Press by a certain Sherlock fan, she writes low-risk articles for The Origin* (and for safety reasons). Her favourite activity outside of CCA is eating.  

jie ren and clarence member bio photo.jpeg

From left: Clarence Sim and Sit Jie Ren.

Clarence Sim

Clarence is a member of EJC Press and has also (somewhat haphazardly) committed himself to the Eunoia Strategic Affairs Society. The PMEH hybrid student often struggles with time management. Outside of academics and co-curricular activities, Clarence is an aspiring polyglot who is still very far from becoming one. He is also an avid motorsports fan. Clarence is also a passionate chorister in the making. The baritone especially loves traditional liturgical music.

Sit Jie Ren

More of a night owl than anything, Jie Ren can often be seen online at 3 a.m., rushing a perpetually existent pile of work, stemmed from his extensive list of commitments. This includes Latitude, MUNing and writing Periscope Press Articles (he does hope to move on to opinion pieces). When not overwhelmed with work, he can be seen watching CrashCourse (History), PolyMatter or other similar channels, which is often described by his classmate as “taking the fun out of Youtube”. His favourite activity is still sleeping, something he wishes to get more of. He is however often met with complaints from the Deputy Editor-in-Chief about his similarly hectic schedule, and hence can only suffer in abject silence. [Moar sleep pls].

tien alyssa member bio photo

From left: Chong Tien Ee and Alyssa Minjoot.

Alyssa Minjoot

Alyssa (or commonly known as Minjoot) is an enthusiastic member of the Writers’ Committee in Press. Besides being a slave to the HELM subject combination, she can be found telling anyone who would listen about the latest The Bachelor episode, amongst other things. She immensely enjoys dancing and playing the piano. As an ENFP, she is always energetic and lively and enjoys spending time with friends and family. Alyssa definitely enjoys being a part of Press and is looking forward to the next year!

Chong Tien Ee 

Tien Ee would like to first plug her Instagram, a truly resplendent page that was inspired by the 3 Es that her name possesses. Many a moon was spent, lost, agonizing over what to write in her member’s biography and this is the regrettable result of it. While she might have joined this CCA solely due to the fact that it does not require physical exertion, she finds that joining Press has not been such a bad idea and she’s having a jolly good time.

2018-2019 seniors member bio photo

From left: Niik Seah, Joanna Chen, Ashley Ng, Jacey Teoh, Ms Ng Huiqi (teacher-in-charge), Austin Wang, Daniel Kok and Grace Marie Yeh.

Class of 2019

Executive Committee (2018-2019)

Ashley Ng (Editor-in-Chief, 2018-2019)

As the Editor-in-Chief (2018-2019), Ashley dedicates her time to writing a wide variety of articles, ranging from AAA to UK articles. When not actively involved in CCA (which is pretty rare), she is seen being overwhelmed with homework and revision but manages to squeeze out time to play with her dog.

Jacey Teoh (Chief Reporter, 2018-2019)

As the Chief Reporter (2018-2019), Jacey dedicates most of her time to interviewing individuals for articles. She also dabbles in other areas like photography to help create article cover designs, such as the ‘Light the Way’ series. In her free time, she enjoys listening to artists like Joji and Rich Brian.

Joanna Chen (Chief Designer, 2018-2019)

As the Chief Designer (2018-2019), Joanna self-taught herself Adobe Photoshop and enjoys minimalistic designs. She kickstarted The Origin*’s visual aesthetic.

Niik Seah (Head of Publicity, 2018-2019)

As the Head of Publicity (2018-2019), Niik managed the website and created the Instagram account. He does not like to talk about himself.

Class of 2018

Pioneering Members (2017-2018)

Austin Wang (President, Media Club, 2017-2018)

Don’t like navigating organisational bureaucracy? Neither does Austin, but it was necessary when convincing the school to recognise The Origin* and EJC Press as official entities. As the President of the Media Club (2017-2018), he enjoys photography but probably enjoys collecting photographic equipment more.

Grace Marie Yeh (Head of Press, Media Club, 2017-2018)

Grace helmed The Origin* from its nascent stages – gathering a team of writers, setting up the website and laying the framework for her juniors to build upon. her love for writing reviews on Arts events, hidden food gems and thought provoking movies was the impetus for starting the Origin*. Currently an engineering student, Grace is thankful for her time in EJC Press because, in addition to language skills, she also learned webmastering and formatting skills which proved to be useful in university. A regular stalker of The Origin*’s Instagram page, Grace eagerly anticipates every article her juniors write and cannot wait to see what else they have in store.

Daniel Kok (Designer, Media Club, 2017-2018)

Daniel was the former designer of The Origin* and conceptualised its asterisk logo and helped to run the website. He’s probably mugging somewhere in school or busy cooking up a meal at home.

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