CCA in the Spotlight – Softball

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CCA: Softball

J2 Interviewees: Wee Kiat (Captain), Darren Sum (Vice Captain)

Interviewer: Jacey Teoh

What is an average CCA session like?

Darren: An average CCA session comprises of us going down for about 3 hours to sharpen our skills as well as to improve our fitness.
Wee Kiat: Training sessions

What do you enjoy most about your CCA?

Darren: What I enjoy most about my CCA is the people. Over the year, we have really got to know each other better and we have really grown as a team.
Wee Kiat: The friendship with the people in the CCA and the thrill of the game.

As seniors, what is your CCA looking out for in prospective members?

Darren: We are looking out for people who are interested in the sport and willing to train hard to improve.
Wee Kiat: Committed and enthusiastic juniors

What do you think was the highlight of your CCA last year?

Darren: I think the highlight would be season, where we entered as a new team and gave it our all. Managing to win two games.
Wee Kiat: Winning the 5th place for the A divisions despite only having 20 trainings and having all J1 players.

CCA information (Timing, achievements, etc)

Wednesday, 04:30pm-07:00pm
Friday, 04:00pm-07:00pm
National 5th place (2017)

J1 interviewees: Naufal, Benjamin Zhang
Interviewer: Jacey Teoh

What was your first impression of the CCA?

Naufal: Novel and I were really intrigued by what we saw them doing on the field and really I wanted to join
Benjamin: My first impression was that softball was a really friendly CCA as the seniors were all very welcoming towards the J1s.

What made you decide to join your current CCA?

Naufal: ‘cause it’s softball! It has been an interest of mine for a very long time, but I never had the chance to try it before.
Benjamin: I played softball in my secondary school for 4 years and heading into JC, I really wanted to continue playing a sport that I am familiar with, so softball seemed to be a natural choice.

What do you enjoy most about your CCA?

Naufal: Friends and also, simply the sport itself as a whole.
Benjamin: I really enjoy the company of the team from playing together as well as trying to improve on the different aspects of the game during every training.

What is one essential quality a person must possess to join this CCA?

Naufal: Anyone who is interested or has the passion!
Benjamin: I would really recommend softball to people who enjoy physical activity and who are also interested in learning a new sport!

Inspired by softballers? Head over to the fields to catch the team in action!

CCA in the spotlight – Hockey

After receiving positive feedback from the latest segment “CCA in the Spotlight”, the Origin* has come to a consensus to continue the segment, featuring a wider variety of CCAs from the various CCA groups.

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CCA: Hockey

Interviewees: Li Yi, Audrey, Cindy, HaaJar

Interviewer: Niik Seah

What was your first impression of the CCA?

Our first impression of the CCA was that it seemed tough and tiring because hockey requires us to run in the big pitch. However, after joining, we met really nice people and got encouraged to endure the training sessions together. Compared to the other CCA trials we went to, hockey members were the friendliest and most patient with us when we were trying out basic moves.

What made you decide to join your current CCA?

I wanted to try out a new sport and hockey seemed interesting. Hockey wasn’t available in secondary school and it seemed quite fun so I wanted to give it a try.

What do you enjoy most about your CCA?

I really like the people in the CCA because everyone is nice and friendly. Most of us are also new to the sport so it is really heartwarming learning together and helping each other out. Moreover, the stick works are very satisfying because of the sound we hear when we hit the ball.

What is one essential quality a person must possess to join this CCA?

People who are interested in learning hockey and are willing to put in their best effort to persevere and improve. People must also be able to work well in a team.

So are YOU fit to join Hockey? Can you imagine yourself running about a huge pitch? Don’t hesitate to approach the Hockey members to find out more!

CCA in the Spotlight – Symphonic Band

(Photo credit: Mr Marc Kenji Lim)

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Have you ever thought about joining a musical CCA – Sharring the stage and making music with like-minded peers? Next up we have…

CCA: Symphonic Band

Interviewee: Brian Wong

Interviewer: Austin Wang

Brian Wong is EJ Symphonic Band’s percussionist. With a radiant smile and a hidden reserve, Brian never fails to charm those around him. As a pioneer member of the band, he speaks to us about his year in the CCA.

What do you do during CCA?

During CCA time, I usually spend the time going through the pieces and practicing my parts. On Wednesdays, we have tutorials, where an external tutor will come down to our school and we will work together to improve our skills. During sectionals, we will work on our parts so our combined rehearsals will go more smoothly. On Thursdays, we have combined rehearsals, where all the sections will come together and practice our pieces together.

 What do you enjoy most about your CCA?

I think what I enjoy most about CCA is interacting with my section mates and performing together. I look forward to CCA sessions and meeting my friends, where we can catch up with each other and break the monotony on school life. My section mates are also what keeps me motivated to come to CCA, and make band life more pleasant.

 What are some troubles you encountered in your CCA and how did you overcome them?

One of the problems encountered was that I was an inexperienced member when I first joined band, and it meant having to learn how to play the instruments properly before our SYF, which was in April 2017. To learn the instrument in around 4 months was no easy task, but our section leader Keane helped us a lot and we made the effort to attend practice every morning the week before SYF to ensure we can master our instruments and put up a good performance for SYF.

 As seniors, you will be holding auditions for the juniors, so what is your CCA looking for in prospective members?

Experienced players are one aspect we look for but we also accept people who are keen on exploring and learning new instruments and those who have a genuine interest in music.

 What do you think is a highlight for your CCA last year?

While many people might say SYF was a highlight, I personally feel that the Celebrate December Concert was the highlight for me. The whole band performed for the performance, and we managed to prove that our band is up to standards with other more well-established band, such as the one from VJ. It was also a really tough performance for many of us, as it was the first time we had to perform for such a long time. Nonetheless, I felt that we put up a superb performance that night for both shows and the performance will remain one of the year’s highlights for me.

What comes to mind when people talk about Symphonic Bands? Perhaps it’s the lively composition of brass and winds and percussion? Or perhaps it’s an awe-inspiring and unifying concert brought together by talents of all musical backgrounds? Whatever it may be, the EJ Symphonic Band is a CCA you should most definitely consider if you are interested in music! 


CCA in the spotlight – Debate

Photo credits: Mr Marc Kenji Lim

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Don’t fret if your still at a loss of what CCA to choose for your JC life! Next up, presenting to you…

CCA: Debate

Interviewee: Wei Ying

Interviewer: Claire Hsieh and Soh Wen Sheun

What is an average CCA session like?

We debate then move into motions. It’s pretty stressful before debating, but I feel very enriched afterwards.

.What do you enjoy most about your CCA?

I enjoy the most precious 15-30 minutes prep time with teammates before each impromptu motion. The process requires a lot of concentration and teamwork, and I get to listen to different ideas, before pulling them together into one single caseline. Debate is really a mental team sport lol!

As seniors, you will be holding auditions for your juniors, so what is your CCA looking out for in prospective members?

Intellectually driven (After all debates require a lot of mental skills and content knowledge)

Committed to the club (people who have an attitude to learn and serve)

What do you think is a highlight for your CCA last year?

There’s two actually:

Bubble tea training session. It was quite a normal training actually, but the difference was that the Excos bought bubble tea for each member and it really cheered everyone up after a long day of EOY-prep (in fact it was the last CCA we had before EOY, the sight of everyone chilling and drinking tea is especially heartwarming.

Debate camp + debate meet. The CCA got a lot more bonded in the camp, and when the JC1 juniors came in the second day (Debate meet), everyone put on their most responsible side and presented themselves as good role models.

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CCA in the spotlight – Chinese Orchestra

Photo credit: Mr Marc Kenji Lim

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Have you ever walked from the ISH towards the basketball court and heard the exotic sounds of Chinese music? Find out more about the CCA!

CCA: Chinese Orchestra

Interviewee: Calista Loh

Interviewers: Claire Hsieh and Soh Wen Sheun

What do you do during CCA?

I’m from Chinese Orchestra and I play the cello. We practice Chinese songs most of the time: for 2.5 hours on Tuesdays and 3 hours on Wednesdays. On Wednesdays, my CCA focuses more on the technical areas of music such as bowing techniques and articulation. Currently, we are also preparing for our performance in the upcoming Chinese New Year festival and some lunchtime concerts. We will also be having a joint concert with the other performing arts CCAs soon!

What do you enjoy most in your CCA?

I really enjoy playing the cello due to its unique sound. Moreover, what draws me to the instrument is the huge level of coordination required between all the cellists in an orchestra as it is important that when we play together, we only sound like one person playing. Therefore, it is easy for the audience to hear any mistakes when one cellist messes up. I also love and enjoy the teamwork and close relationships between me and my CCA members.

What are some troubles you encountered during CCA and how did you overcome them?

Sometimes my hands hurt a lot as playing the cello requires you to press the strings extremely hard in order to achieve the right sound. This is especially so when I just began practicing the cello. Not only that, I can get tired halfway through CCA sessions. I think the support between the players in my CCA and my CCA teacher is instrumental in pushing all of us to continue and improve ourselves. Also, I feel that your motivation has to come from within as well so that you can make the most out of your CCA!

As seniors, you will be holding auditions for your juniors, so what is your CCA looking for in prospective members?

It is one thing to be skilled in playing an instrument. However, to have the passion and willingness to try your best and love what you are doing is, I feel, much more important and crucial. We are looking for members you are passionate and willing to put in the effort to not only improve yourself, but also come together with other members as an orchestra!

What do you think is a highlight for your CCA last year?

‘A Beautiful Muse’ performance

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