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  • Re-Emergence of Trends

    Re-Emergence of Trends

    Written by: Chloe (22-I6), Eris (22-I6) Designed by: Bernita Rayen (23-I1) The 1990s was a decade of cultural revolution and experimentation, from music to fashion and beyond. Today, many of the trends that emerged in the ’90s are making a comeback, with modern twists and updates that reflect the times we live in.  MusicTo start…

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  • The Rise of Crypto Scams

    The Rise of Crypto Scams

    Written by: Tan Ken Shin (22-A2) Designed by: Shervonn Tan (23-E6) The dictionary definition of cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography to secure and verify transactionsCryptocurrencies are primarily based on blockchain technology, which records all transactions. It is also largely used for payment, investments, and storing an asset to be sold…

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  • The Sounds of Film

    The Sounds of Film

    Written by: Brandon Ng (22-E4) Designed by: Lee Chin Yi (23-E4 Have you ever stopped to think about the sounds in a film? While It’s easy to get caught up in the plot, characters, and visual effects, sound still plays a critical role in the overall cinematic experience. From the musical score to the sound…

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  • synaesthesia


    Written by: Ashley Chean (22-O1) Designed by: Sophie Ho (23-E3) i have synaesthesia — i was born with this condition and since young, i had always seen (and associated!!) music and people and words with colours — every “letter” is tinted a different colour for me. but you must ask, why is this so? what…

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  • Escapism


    Written by: Jovielle Bruto (22-A2), Yam Lok Sum (22-A1) Designed by: Lim Sher Min (23-E1) What is escapism? Have you ever found yourself scrolling mindlessly through social media? Perhaps you pick up a book, aiming to bury yourself in a magical world, where fae and wizards are more common than your average salaryman. Or maybe,…

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