CCA in the Spotlight – MakerSpace

Photo credit: Ariel Tan

Interviewee: Ng Wei Han

Interviewer: Jacey Teoh

1. What is an average CCA session like?

Wei Han: We are an interest group so we don’t exactly have scheduled CCA slots etc but we do have projects that we are working on. Together with Yew Rei and Athena, we currently working on a Rube Goldberg project for college day and CCA sessions are nothing short of fun! Even though the project seemed quite daunting at first, working on it made us realize that the process can be really enjoyable too. Going to the MakerSpace to work on this project is something that I look forward to, especially after a hectic day of lessons.

2.What do you enjoy most about your CCA?

Wei Han: Quality time spent with people! Even though I’ve only been working closely with Yew Rei, and Athena under the guidance of Mdm Liu, I think the time spent in the Makerspace experimenting, building and designing is made so much more enjoyable because the people. Though we always argue, I think it’s the dissonance within the harmony that enriches our lives.

3.What are some essential qualities a person must possess to join this CCA?

Wei Han: People who are willing to devote their time to innovating, creating and engineering. Their willingness to learn and to pick up new skills. People with passion and purpose. People who can commit to promoting the Maker Movement and to take responsibility for the space.

4.What do you think was the highlight for your CCA last year?

Wei Han: It would be the Rube Goldberg College Opening Project. I had never thought that such an idealistic Rube Goldberg Machine could come to live, but I must say that it was only possible because of the many people who devoted their time to make this possible (whether or not they were in the Rube Goldberg Team). This project has definitely impressed upon me the importance of collaboration and teamwork. Without the advice, assistance and collaboration of our friends in the MakerSpace Interest Group, we wouldn’t have been able to present this project yesterday. From the bottom of my heart, I am extremely thankful.

5. CCA information

Wei Han: We don’t exactly have CCA timings. When projects come, we’d design a timeline and stick to it. It’s usually quite flexible because different people in the Interest Group would take up different projects, so we’d decide on our meet up time within our project group.

– 1st runner up for Electric Vehicle Challenge
– A successful Rube Goldberg Machine for College Opening Day 2018
– Students also used the MakerSpace to build certain set ups for the Singapore Young Physicist Tournament of which they made it to the final round

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