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Check out what music your fellow Eunoians are listening to this August!

Designed by: Jo Yeoul (19-A2)

Every month, The Origin* features 7-8 songs recommended by your fellow Eunoians and a personal recommendation from one of our members. Have a song to recommend? Fill in this form and your recommended song may be featured in Sick Beats! (Note: Songs are subject to review, and please recommend PG13 songs) To everyone who recommended a song, thank you for your contribution!

1. Momoland – BAAM

Genre: Asian Pop (KPop, JPop, CPop etc.)

Hype you up on a sleepy day, Good for gyming, Mood Booster

(Suggested by Anonymous)

Just like caffeine, ‘BAAM’ is an addictive ear worm. However, the tune seems to be rather run off the mill as it is very similar to other K Pop songs. 7/10.   


2. Wu Qing Feng – 蜂鸟 

Genre: Asian Pop (KPop, JPop, CPop etc.)

Mood booster, chill

(Suggested by Kaethe, 19-E3)

‘蜂鸟’ , or ‘hummingbird’, is an apt title for this song. Just as how hummingbirds are seen as bringers of joy in some cultures, Wu’s crisp voice brings us just that in this single. 8/10. 


3.Lauren Aquilina – King

Genre: Alternative, Indie

Helps to focus when studying, A dose of them feels, Mood booster, super encouraging

(Suggested by Kaethe, 19-E3)

The empowering and meaningful lyrics in this song are exactly what we need when we are feeling down. ‘King’ is truly an underrated charm. 8.5/10.  


4.Fromis_9 – LOVE BOMB

Genre: Asian Pop (KPop, JPop, CPop etc.)

Hype you up on a sleepy day, A dose of them feels, Mood Booster

(Suggested by Anonymous) 

If SM entertainment made an anthem for their company, this would be it. With the signature high-pitched singing and fun sound effects in the song, along with an abrupt rapping section (which had a whole new beat which did not fit into the song nicely), it was nice to see some effort from the producers to distribute the lines evenly to the different members. 6/10. 


5.Polyphia (feat. Ichika) – Death Note

Genre: Rock, Progressive


(Suggested by Willy Tang, 18-U3)

This instrumental song is like a latte on a cold day – smooth and relaxing, and a great pick-me-up after a long day, or even just a song to study to. 8.5/10


6.Ed Sheeran (feat. Justin Bieber) – I Don’t Care

Genre: Pop

Mood Booster, Chill

(Suggested by Wen)

With a catchy beat and even-catchier lyrics, this song is sure to get you nodding along, even if you don’t know the lyrics. 8/10


7.Shawn Mendes – If I Can’t Have You

Genre: Pop

A dose of them feels, Chill

(Suggested by Wen)

The song is crazy catchy with the extremely addictive chorus that repeats itself several times throughout the song, but it does not get old. The beat is uplifting and cheerful, and it makes you want to dance in your room quietly with earphones on at 2am in the morning. Warning: it may get stuck in your head, so listen with caution (especially with exams being just around the corner!). 9/10 


8.Avicii – Heaven

Genre: EDM

A dose of them feels, Chill, for everyone who misses Avicii

(Suggested by Anonymous) 

Contrasting to the catchy and bright melody accompanied by strong, impactful beats, the lyrics are bittersweet with a hint of melancholy. The meaning in the lyrics changes gradually as the song continues, with the beginning starting off with dark, ominous lyrics and ending off with lyrics which are hopeful and motivational. A lovely little song which will surely perk you up when you are having a bad day. 9/10


Bonus Recommendation: 


Taylor Swift – You Need To Calm Down

Genre : Pop 

This song is sure to put you in the best of moods, and serves as a daily opinion to not let everyone else’s opinions get you down! 8/10


N the Comet Strikes

You probably heard a few of their covers during school events. But how much do you know about the N Band? Get to know them more in this feature article!

Written by: Lee Keng Yan (19-U1)

Designed by: Athena Lim (19-A4)


The N Band, one of EJC’s few interest groups, is quite the rising phenomenon. This nine-man strong group of musicians recently broke new ground, performing at Catholic High School (CHS) for their annual Homecoming, then for the Singapore Youth Festival event Evolution the very next day, hosted at Our Tampines Hub, where they clinched the Audience’s Choice award. In light of these achievements, we have accosted these busy people, namely George from the Symphony Band, a subsidised bass, and a Jazzmaster 3000, to find out more about their origins, as well as their dreams going forward.


For those unfamiliar, the N Band is officially EJC’s Rock Band,  known as Panic! At the Ghim Moh. Having performed at the College Day pre-concert at UCC, in school during Investiture, as well as the recent Fiesta, it’s extremely likely that you’ve heard their music before. Their original arrangement of the EJC school song, as well as their rendition of crowd-favourite Shut Up and Dance, definitely showcase their potential as a young group. Yet they are not an official CCA, but an Interest Group, one that has found their footing and struck out.


The N Band started out as a pipe dream. Its humble beginnings, however, belie the intensity of their passion for music and performance. From just three members who dreamt about a common place to share their music, the then-unofficial Rock Band grew to their current size and began jamming together in the short span of a month. The current name, according to George from the Symphonic Band, was selected after the 2019 Road Run event, where the school issued both a special rubber wristband and a name that everybody would remember. “It’s both referring to the N Band and the N Band, something only our batch’s Eunoians will truly understand and appreciate,” said vocalist and drummer Maya Raisha (19-U1).


Their recent performance at CHS’ Homecoming certainly deserves mention and praise. The band took the stage with the songs ‘Final Countdown’ and ‘It’s My Life’, perennial favourites of CHS students, but also other tunes, such as ‘Yellow’, ‘Still Into You’, and even ‘All Star’. Each song that they played that day was hand-picked, taking into consideration their length, arrangement style, and energy, resulting in two well-balanced sets of performances. Particularly impressive was the band’s rendition of ‘Peace Sign’ in the first set, their vocalists Maya and Wan Xin (19-I1) cruising through the Japanese lyrics while drummer Jia Wen (19-A5), bassist Leslie (19-I4), and guitarists Jin Yenn (19-O4) and Matthew (19-O1) set and spun the song’s tempo. Their performance drew a sizeable crowd, their energy and spirit infecting their audience, and their standing ovation; it is highly probable that they will return next year if they are available.


The very next day, the band competed in SYF’s Evolution! , performing their pièce de résistance Shut Up and Dance in front of distinguished judges and a completely unfamiliar audience. Yet despite the stiff competition, their passionate performance earned them the Audience’s Choice award, as well as the audience’s thunderous applause. The “Noah Ang Experience”, or keyboardist Noah Ang’s (19-U4) solo, was perhaps the highlight of the song, and was certainly an outstanding point of their performance. The band would like to give a quick shout out to the many students who cast their vote for the N Band during the Audience Participation section.


The band’s various feats are more impressive when their schedule is taken into account. CHS Homecoming was but three days after the J1’s MYEs, meaning that their rehearsal time for the gig was mainly during the holidays, where other students were furiously studying, as well as the one marking day immediately after examinations, which saw a frantic full-day rehearsal. Evolution!’s timeline, while more forgiving, unfortunately coincided with the CHS Homecoming gig, and stole precious afternoons in Semester 1 for rehearsal and mentorship sessions. Aside from these, the band members also wrestle with their external commitments, some holding positions in their official CCAs, while others in their civics groups’ committees.  The band’s achievements, and even efforts, certainly did not come easy.


Undaunted, the comets streak towards the horizon. The N Band’s future targets are competitions such as Voice of My Generation and YouthX, as well as gigs at internal events like Teachers’ Day and Euphoria. By branching out beyond internal school opportunities and gaining outside exposure, they intend to create a legacy of dedicated musicians, passionate enough to pursue their dreams. Hopefully, this would be enough to attract young, non-A-Levels-laden blood to take the torch, as well as leave their mark on the EJC identity. But the most important thing, to them, is simply to have fun as a band.


This band of rising rock stars is one to watch. If you’re ever looking to listen in, the N Band has jamming sessions on Tuesdays, 5 to 7 pm, in the Jamming Studio at the Atria; see you there!

¿?sick beats?¿

Freshen up your mood by replacing your old songs with the newer and better playlist made just for you on this month’s playlist!

Designed by: Athena Lim (19-A4)

With the June holidays upon us, we’re back with more song recommendations! Whether you want some tunes to relax or study to, we’re sure you’ll find some new favourites!

Every month, The Origin* features 7-8 songs recommended by your fellow Eunoians and a personal recommendation from one of our members. Have a song to recommend? Fill in this form and your recommended song may be featured in Sick Beats! (Note: Songs are subject to review, and please recommend PG13 songs) To everyone who recommended a song, thank you for your contribution!

1.Elvis Presley – Can’t help falling in love

Genre: Pop

A dose of them feels, Feels nice and hygge

(Suggested by Amanda Wong, 19-A2)

Some songs age like fine wine and this hit from 1961 sure does! 8.5/10

2. IV of Spades – Mundo

Genre: Asian Pop (KPop, JPop, CPop etc.)

Helps to focus when studying, Mood Booster, Chill

(Suggested by Jovan, 18-A6)

If anything, this song is proof that music transcends language barriers. 8/10.

3. 胡夏 Hu Xia – 红墙叹 Hong Qiang Tan

Genre: Asian Pop (KPop, JPop, CPop etc.)

A dose of them feels

(Suggested by Jade Ow Yanhui, 19-A2)

The use of traditional Chinese instruments in this song piqued our interest immediately and the clean vocals are a plus. Fun fact: this song is from the hit Chinese drama – ‘The Story of Yanxi Palace’. 8/10.

4. Phum Viphurit – Hello Anxiety

Genre: Indie

A dose of them feels, Chill

(Suggested by Natalie Goh, 19-A2)

The hopeful lyrics were a pleasant surprise because we were expecting the song to be melancholic, considering its title. 8.5/10   


Genre: Asian Pop (KPop, JPop, CPop etc.)

Hype you up on a sleepy day, Mood Booster, Lyrics are about becoming adults so it’s quite fitting for us JC peeps XD

(Suggested by Clyde Lhui, 17-A5)

‘Button’ is full of nostalgia! The chord progressions provided a nice buildup for the chorus and the lyrics are very inspirational! 8/10.      

6. Christopher Cross – All Right

Genre: Pop

Mood Booster

When you score 1 E 4 Us, this song tells you that everything is all right, that you will make it if you just try again and pick it up because who knows, it might just work out fine this time 🙂

(Suggested by Austin, 17-A5)

Cross’ single is full of 80s charm and the inspiring lyrics are oddly comforting. 7.5/10.

7. LSD – No New Friends

Genre: Pop

Helps to focus when studying, Hype you up on a sleepy day, Good for gyming, A dose of them feels, Mood Booster, Chill, Party / Rave

(Suggested by Anonymous)

Whimsical and eccentric, ‘No New Friends’ manages to remain relatively upbeat, even as the mood of the song evolves as it progresses. 7.5/10

8. Ava Max – Sweet but Psycho

Genre: Pop

Helps to focus when studying, Hype you up on a sleepy day, Good for gyming, A dose of them feels, Mood Booster, Chill, Party / Rave

(Suggested by Anonymous)

The beat is undeniably catchy and a favourite at parties. However, we did not like how the lyrics stigmatised psychosis. Sweet but problematic. 6/10.  

Bonus recommendation:

Absofacto – Dissolve

Genre: Alternative, Indie

A dose of them feels, Chill, Mood Booster

This song is perfect for those midnight hours when a wave of emotions suddenly hit you and you suddenly experience the soft boy/girl hours. Mint tea goes well with this one. 8/10 because I only like the chorus.

¿?sick beats?¿

Ran out of songs to add to your playlist? Look no further as the Origin* presents May’s edition of Sick Beats. Besides this article, don’t forget to check out our Spotify playlist where all recommended songs can be found!

Designed by: Athena Lim (19-A4)

Every month, The Origin* features 7-8 songs recommended by your fellow Eunoians (reviewed by us) and a personal recommendation from one of our members. Do you have a song to recommend? Fill in this form and perhaps your recommended song may be featured in Sick Beats! (Note: You’re reminded to recommend PG13 songs) To everyone who recommended a song, thank you for your contribution!

1. Lauv and Troye Sivan – i’m so tired 

Genre: R&B

A dose of them feels, Chill (Suggested by Sharlene Tio, 19-O2)

Despite its rather simple lyrics and rhythm, ‘i’m so tired’ is still effortlessly catchy and gets you hooked. 9/10.

2. Ling Tosite Sigure – Unravel

Genre: Alternative, Asian Pop (KPop, JPop, CPop etc.)

Hype you up on a sleepy day, A dose of them feels, Chill

(Suggested by Bryan Sim, 19-U4)

We like the neat progression from the singer’s whisper-like vocals to harsher screaming vocals. The instrumentals complement the singer’s voice almost perfectly. 8/10.

(However, if you find this too loud for your taste, there are many acoustic versions available on YouTube, like this one.)

3. OMFG – Hello

Genre: EDM

Hype you up on a sleepy day, Good for gyming, A dose of them feels, Mood Booster, Party / Rave

(Suggested by Bryan Sim, 19-U4)

Personally, we find this piece more dubstep than party/rave. The repetition in the beat is catchy but proved to be distracting upon listening to it for long periods of time. 7/10.

4. Mamamoo – Gogobebe

Genre: Asian Pop (KPop, JPop, CPop etc.)

Mood booster

(Suggested by Joshua Toh, 19-I5)

To quote the song, “It’s ok not to be fine”, the song is encouraging and is a feel-good tune that we think even the majority of non-KPop fans will like. 8/10.

5. Izumi Tanaka – Once I Loved

Genre: Classical

A good song to listen to after a tiring day at school and before you sleep. Super calming

(Suggested by Xinning, 19-O5)

With soothing and slow instrumentals, this song is a great song to listen to when you’re feeling stressed! 8.5/10.

(Unfortunately, we were unable to find ‘Once I Loved’ on YouTube. However, you can find the song in our Spotify playlist!)

6. Sheppard – Coming Home

Genre: Pop

Hype you up on a sleepy day, A dose of them feels, Mood Booster

(Suggested by Dylan Lim, 19-O3)

Catchy and filled with boundless energy, ‘Coming Home’ will definitely wake you up and make you feel energised! 8/10.

7. Mac Ayres – Easy

Genre: Pop, R&B


(Suggested by Lee Wan Xin, 19-I1)

Mac Ayres’ smooth, butter-like vocals take the cake and are so enjoyable to listen to. If you’re taking a roadtrip to Malaysia next month, perhaps you can consider adding this song to your playlist! 8/10.

8. Elliot Berger feat. Laura Brehm – Diamond Sky
Genre: EDM

Hype you up on a sleepy day, Mood Booster, Chill, Motivational at the start of the day

(Suggested by Emma Lim, 18-I2)

Airy, which slowly progresses to a steady beat, then to a rather strong bass (which may put off some). Its inspiring lyrics, though, almost make you feel like you can do anything. 8.5/10.

Bonus personal recommendation:

Aimer (feat. RADWIMPS) – Butterfly Knot/Chouchou Musubi

Genre: Asian Pop (KPop, JPop, CPop etc.)

‘Butterfly Knot’ (蝶々結び, chouchou musubi) is a song by J-Pop star, Aimer. The gentle piano accompaniment gives the song gentle vibes, which greatly complements Aimer’s smooth voice. The duet beautifully ends the song on a happy and hopeful note. TL;DR, the lyrics of ‘Butterfly Knot’ describes how a relationship is like tying a knot. 8.5/10.   

¿?sick beats?¿

Tired of hearing the same old songs over and over again? Here are some selected tunes as recommended by Eunoians!

Tired of hearing the same old songs over and over again? Here are some selected tunes as recommended by Eunoians! Every month, we publish 8 of our favourite submissions under our monthly playlist. Want to suggest a song? Click here! Thank you to everyone who have submitted a song suggestion, and be sure to hit us up if you want to see your songs on next month’s playlist!


1. Toby Fox – Megalovania
Genre: EDM
Hype you up on a sleepy day. (Suggested by Anselm, 19-A4)

Very fast paced and energetic, which makes sense, considering it’s from a video game soundtrack. 8/10.

2. Conan Gray – The King
Genre: Pop
Chill and laid back. (Suggested by Vong Ngoc Tram Anh, 19-E4)

The kind of song you’d listen to on a roadtrip. 7/10.

3. Avicii – X You
Genre: EDM
(Suggested by Sarah Lai, 17-E3)

Upbeat and uplifting. Good to listen to when you’re in a bad mood. Purely instrumentals. 8/10.

4. Lauv – Paranoid
Genre: EDM
Mood booster. A dose of them feels.  (Suggested by Niik, 18-A5)

Catchy and yet so cathartic at the same time. A solid 9/10.

5. No Vacation – Mind Fields
Genre: Indie
A dose of them feels. Chill.  (Suggested by Natalie Goh, 19-A2)

Echoey and borderline dreamy, in a nostalgic way. 9/10.

6. Lauv – Superhero
Genre: Pop
Chill. (Suggested by Megan, 19-I2)

Beautifully heartbreaking. 10/10.

7. Casey Lee Williams and Jeff Williams – This Will Be The Day
Genre: Alternative, Metal, Rock
Part of my drawing music playlist. (Suggested by Crystal, 19-O2)

Hardcore and inspiring, listen to this if you need an energy boost. 8/10.

8. Blackpink – Stay
Genre: Kpop
A dose of them feels. (Suggested by Jerad, 19-A1)

Lighthearted and fun, probably one of Blackpink’s more underrated songs. 8/10.

Bonus personal recommendation:

Joy Kills Sorrow – Was It You

Genre: Indie pop

Chill yet upbeat, it’s the kind of song that makes you want to do stuff (like incomplete Chemistry tutorials). 9/10.


30 Second Reviews – Serenade with violinist So Young Yoon

Known for her momentous performance during the Henryk Wieniawski Violin Competition when she tackled two insanely challenging Violin concertos (Sibelius D Minor and Wieniawski F# Minor) in a single night, Korean-born Violinist So Young Yoon dazzled Singaporeans with her performance of Bernstein’s Serenade. Together with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, Yoon began the first movement with much sensitivity. She brought out the tenderness of the melody through carefully calibrated bow handling. The second, third and fourth movements were executed with perfect intonation and technical expertise. It was the fifth movement, perhaps the most well known to the trained classical musician, that brought the house down. When the Timpani’s death knell resounded with a crash, Yoon raced with the orchestra with fire in her eyes. With a swish of her bow across the string, the movement was brought to a climatic end.

As shouts of ‘Bravo!” erupted from the audience, I could not help but marvel at her effortless performance and wonder about the hours she had put into her practice.

What stops Yoon from achieving the same success as other acclaimed violinists like Sarah Chang, Janine Jansen puzzles me. Perhaps it is a matter of time and luck? 

Picture credit: Official Henryk Wieniawski Competition site

Grace Marie Yeh

30 Second Reviews – Band Fiesta

Beginning this segment of 30s Reviews…

A mundane evening in the botanical gardens was transformed by a resounding performance by the EJC symphonic band. Within the span of 2 hours, park-goers basking on the lawn by the Shaw Symphony stage, were treated to classic pop hits like Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You and a medley of Taylor Swift classics from her 1989 album. Conducted by the experienced maestro Adrian Chiang, the band, although consisting of many first-timers, pulled off an undeniably mesmerising performance. From the jovial upbeat pace of Shape of You, the groovy beat of Despacito, to the seamless transitions between Blank Space and Shake It Off, the performance was worthy of a standing ovation. Although marred by technical inadequacies of the speakers, the evening was a pleasant end to a hectic week.

Grace Marie Yeh