Sick Beats – Christmas Edition

Written by: Angelica Chiw (22-I6), Ashley Chean (22-O1), Benedict Keng (22-U3), Brandon Ng (22-E4), Cheng Zhi Shan (22-U1), Chloe Tan (22-I6), Darius Chen (22-E4), Eris Kek (22-I6), Rebecca Yap (22-O1), Sophia Chiang (22-O1)

Designed by: Angelica Chiw (22-I6), Benedict Keng (22-U3), Brandon Ng (22-E4), Cheng Zhi Shan (22-U1), Chloe Tan (22-I6), Darius Chen (22-E4), Eris Kek (22-I6), Rebecca Yap (22-O1), Sophia Chiang (22-O1)


Ho Ho Ho! Christmas is just 12 days away and what better way to celebrate than with Christmas carols! As we celebrate the season of giving, we are giving back to you, our beloved readers, an advent calendar of Christmas jingles. Featuring both classic and modern tunes, we present you with 12 tunes for each day leading up to Christmas. 

December 14th – It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas

Originally written in 1951 by Meredith Wilson, It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas prompts listeners to immerse themselves in the merry sights and spirits of a town preparing for Christmas. From descriptions of ‘candy canes and silver lanes’ to ‘toys in every store’, one can delightfully imagine themselves being transported to a winter wonderland, all the while anticipating the start of Christmas. As a song that can put you in the mood for festive celebrations, we hope that you will tear yourselves away from the dreariness of rainy seasons and enter a new season, with hot chocolate in your hands!

December 15th – Last Christmas

Upon its initial release in 1984, “Last Christmas” spent five consecutive weeks at number two on the UK Singles Chart. Although it was never number 1, it is the number 1 Christmas song in my heart. Earlier in 1984, Michael had broken Wham! free of their exploitative recording contract. He then began taking complete creative control of his musical output. From synths to sleighbells, he wrote, played, produced and recorded every note of “Last Christmas”. Its groovy and danceable instrumental along with its lyrics detailing a Christmas heartbreak makes it a certified classic. 

December 16th – Joy

Joy is a digital single released by NCT Dream in 2017. Combining classics like Joy to the World and Jingle Bells, NCT Dream seamlessly weaves together these songs to form an entirely new and unique song, with rap elements in place as well. If you feel like listening to old-time classic Christmas songs with added twists, or if you are a huge fan of K-pop, this song is definitely for you. The upbeat melody and catchy lyrics of this song is sure to hook you in, and we hope that your Christmas (and the rest of the year) is filled with joy!

December 17th – Feliz Navidad

Feliz Navidad. Surely you sang that out loud, right? Released in 1970, this timeless classic needs no introduction. Comprising only 4 lines and 19 words, the joyful, upbeat melody coupled with the heartfelt vocals of Puerto Rican singer, José Feliciano, delivers the message that is the song’s title, Feliz Navidad, which means Merry Christmas in Spanish. The song birthed from Feliciano’s loneliness and homesickness, as he spent Christmas away from home, reminiscing times when he would spend the holidays drinking and carolling with loved ones. Singing along to this song will have you wishing your loved ones a merry Christmas from the bottom of your heart!

December 18th – Christmas Wrapping

A Holiday Spotify Single from jawny, Christmas Wrapping is a modern Christmas song. With just over a million streams on Spotify, it is a Christmas beat that many have not heard of. However, the upbeat and exciting melody of the song is guaranteed to hook you in for the whole duration of the song. Reminiscent of the melody of Christmas Classics, it also ties in a modern element to it, making it a unique Christmas tune. “Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, but I think I’ll miss this one this year.” While it may not be Christmas yet, we hope you have a memorable Christmas!

December 19th – Christmas Saves the Year

Their first Christmas single, Twenty One Pilots released Christmas Saves the Year in 2020, in the midst of the global pandemic and major hardships that had occurred throughout that year. The band sings of how everyone longs to be with family and friends during Christmastime, referencing typical Christmas traditions with the lyric “everybody’s got somebody who’s got their name on a shelf”, referring to the practice of hanging a stocking with your name on it on a shelf during Christmas. Ultimately, the song talks about how Christmas brings joy with it no matter how difficult the year has been, and that the celebration is a source of comfort in trying times because of its message of hope and family. As you listen to this song, we hope you cherish the time spent this holiday with friends and family!

December 20th – Baby It’s Cold Outside

The jazzy, relaxed feel of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” paired with the smooth, thick vocals of Idina Menzel and Michael Buble is the perfect welcome to the joyous, bubbly Christmas season, as we draw closer to Christmas. The classic, well-loved Christmas singers collaborate together on this romantic, deep red piece, perfectly complimenting each others’ warm, luscious tone. This song is perfect to curl up in an armchair and fantasise about an icy cold, cosy Christmas that unfortunately, we would probably never get to experience. We hope you enjoy this light, flirtatious piece as much as we do!

December 21st – I’m Gonna Be Loved – This Christmas

Although one tends to associate Christmas with winter and snow, this isn’t a reality for most of us, as we spend our Christmases in sunny Singapore. Local favourites The Sam Willows thus present a Christmas song with a Singaporean twist, singing of a Christmas we are all too familiar with, including lyrics such as ‘you dreamed of snow but you were born where snow is on TV’. The lyrics also talk of a simple Christmas with little physical gifts, but filled with dreams, magic, hope and love, conveying what the band believes is the true meaning of Christmas. We hope as you listen to this song you learn to love Christmas on our sunny island nation as well, cherishing the time you spend with family and friends!

December 22nd – Christmas Tree Farm

Christmas Tree Farm is an upbeat yet heartwarming Christmas song which is made relatable to many people as they can connect to it on a more personal level. Written by Taylor Swift, this song reminisces the nostalgic memories of a childhood Christmas. In the music video, viewers are taken back to the past through the lens of Taylor Swift as they witness the festivities of her childhood and understand her Christmas experience on a more intimate level. This song embeds musical elements of pop and seasonal tunes that keeps you wanting  more! With this song to listen to so near Christmas, you are for sure to get into the festive Christmas mood! 

December 23rd – Underneath the Tree

Despite the wide range of Christmas tunes in Kelly Clarkson’s catalogue, Underneath the Tree is a classic Christmastime staple. Especially with its upbeat chorus and catchy high notes throughout the entire song, which is different from most traditional Christmas songs, this hit has charted on the Hot 100 every year since its release, further cementing Clarkson’s status as a singer with true vocal prowess and with the ability to release hit after hit. Here’s hoping you sing your heart out to this song, and have all your wishes fulfilled underneath the tree! Have a very merry day before Christmas Eve!

December 24th – Rockin Around the Christmas Tree

‘Rockin Around the Christmas Tree’, a classic released in 1958 by Brenda Lee brings cheerful holiday fever every December. Did you know that it is often mistaken as a Justin Bieber single as his cover of this two-minute hit song went viral? Even after around six decades, this remains as Brenda’s signature song. It is a chart-topper and the appeal energises listeners, making them feel like dancing. She was only 13 when she recorded this song and made one of the most famous Christmas hits of all time. It is surely one of the best Christmas songs that immediately encompasses you with warmth and spirit! You should definitely listen to it this Christmas! 

December 25th – All I Want For Christmas is You

And finally, for the grand day itself, we recommend the all-time classic — ‘All I Want For Christmas is You’! Released in 1994 by Mariah Carey, it has since become a staple for every Christmas playlist and has made the charts every single holiday season. Honestly, if you haven’t heard of this song, you’ve probably been living under a rock! Starting with an iconic series of xylophone notes chiming, the song opens with a soulful tune from Carey that would make even the meanest of Grinches want to sing along. The song continues with a catchy beat backed by the jingle of sleigh bells, immersing everyone into the spirit of Christmas almost immediately. In fact, this song is so hypnotically Christmas-y that it has broken the Guinness World Record in 2020 for ‘Most streamed track on Spotify in 24 hours’! Although overtaken by Adele’s ‘Easy On Me’ in 2021, with the help of our wonderful readers (yes, you!) we could help rocket the queen of Christmas music to the top once more! Merry Christmas!


With that, we have come to the end of our 12 Days of Christmas! We hope that you’ll have a holly jolly Christmas listening to our songs and have a Happy New Year!

Taylor Swift’s – Sickbeat’s top picks!

Angelica Chiw (22-I6), Ashley Chean (22-O1), Benedict Keng (22-U3), Brandon Ng (22-E4), Cheng Zhi Shan (22-U1), Chloe Tan (22-I6), Darius Chen (22-E4), Eris Kek (22-I6), Rebecca Yap (22-O1), Sophia Chiang (22-O1)

Designed by: Angelica Chiw (22-I6), Cheng Zhi Shan (22-U1), Benedict Keng (22-U3), Brandon Ng (22-E4), Darius Chen (22-E4), Eris Kek (22-I6), Rebecca Yap (22-O1), Sophia Chiang (22-O1)

Taylor Swift is one of the biggest names of the century. Known for her effervescent style and soulful, enigmatic lyrics, she is admired globally. One of the few artists able to successfully convert from country to pop, her new music is guaranteed to reach the top of every Billboard 200 list. Every Eunoian knows the words of her most popular songs to heart, like ‘22’ or ‘Wildest Dreams’, but she has so many more underrated songs beyond the title tracks. Sick beats brings to you the journey of our favourite, more underrated tracks from her country days to her newer pop sound. As we explore her tracks together, we hope that you would enjoy them as much as we do. 

On the first listen, ‘Cruel Summer’ may sound like another teenage pop song. With its upbeat, fast-paced melody and singable lyrics, it presents itself as another cheery summer song, one amongst many in Swift’s colourful discography. However, upon closer inspection, fans may realise that the song cleverly speaks of the many vulnerabilities and fragilities that one exposes oneself to when maintaining, or beginning, a new romantic relationship. From the illustrative use of imagery to hidden metaphors, Swift thus presents a song open to differing interpretations all based on one’s mood. 

The fifth track from Taylor Swift’s Speak Now album, ‘Dear John’, takes you back to an era of countryside music, whispers of nostalgia and memories of bittersweet love. ‘Dear John’ speaks of Taylor Swift’s frustration over a short-lived relationship that ended in fragments and her grapple with accepting this loss. What stands out in this song is the seamless weave of guitar strums that complement her lyrics, while accentuating the bittersweet, slightly heart-rending feelings of Taylor Swift’s heartbreak. A 6 minute-long song may seem daunting. However, ‘Dear John’ can be interpreted as taking the form of a diary entry, reflecting an almost painfully truthful account of her relationship with John. This captivating masterpiece is able to convey these emotions in its purest form and will definitely tug at your heartstrings. 

Released in 2014, ‘Out Of The Woods’ is part of one of Swift’s best-selling albums to date, 1989. The song, rumoured to be based on her relationship with Harry Styles, talks about the vulnerability of some relationships and how they are difficult to break away from. When she eventually does leave the relationship, she discovers that it actually is not that hard to. If you are in need of a mood booster, the strong bases of this song would definitely be more than sufficient to pick you up!

‘Clean’ is the closing track of 1989, released in 2014 and arguably Swift’s first attempt at a full-on pop album. ‘Clean’ acts as a great palette cleanser, rounding out the themes of love and toxic relationships mentioned in the album by showcasing Swift finally being ‘clean’ and able to move on in a healthy way from the troubles mentioned in 1989. Musically, ‘Clean’ has a pretty understated melody albeit still coming across as soothing and catchy. The instrumental, however, was produced with atypical instruments such as a mbira, which is a thumb piano, and boomwhackers, for the percussion. Overall, ‘Clean’ is a great tune that rounds out a pretty great album.

This upbeat and peppy song details the exciting romance progressing between two lovers. The song captures a picturesque series of snapshots that tug you along the timeline of their love from their first meeting, to courtship and then finally to marriage, all while keeping a cheeky undertone. The somewhat innocent and idealistic nature of their love makes this song impossible to sing without a smile on your face. With paper rings as a symbol, she shows how her love for her boyfriend (at the time) goes beyond her own wants and proves her earnestness to be with him. Hopefully, the overwhelmingly cute song would convince you to find someone special to match paper rings with too!

The seventh track from Swift’s Lover album, ‘Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince’ is a song describing a high school romance between Swift and her lover. She sings of a relationship that is her entire world, something that she is willing to fight for no matter the obstacles in her way. However, once we peel back the layers of the song, the typical high school symbols – such as cheer chants – are merely a mask for the true intention of the song. In truth, ‘Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince’ is a song of protest, in response to the state of the American political climate after 2016, when Donald Trump was elected into office. She sings of her view of American politics, touching on discrimination and other challenges that Americans face with a broken democracy, openly supporting the Democratic party using references to the colour blue. She also sings of why she is choosing to become more politically vocal, wanting to help encourage change. Despite her cynical view on the current political climate for most of the song, she is ultimately optimistic and believes that this is a fight that they will win someday. Ultimately, this is a song about strength through dark times, and I hope it gives you the encouragement to keep on going even when it feels like the world is ending. 

‘Call It What You Want’ is one of Taylor’s well-known side tracks on reputation, gaining over 200 million Spotify streams. This song captures her raspy vocals accompanied by a lustre melody. It speaks of a protective romance and was released when Taylor suffered because of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. However, she sings of a nonchalant attitude as she has a chivalrous man that cares for her and that is all that matters. She encapsulates the feelings of a private consolation after a public scandal and hence the strong implication that she does not care what other people think. 

‘august’ is from the album folklore, her eighth studio album. The lines between truth and reality blur and truth and fiction become almost indiscernible as Swift paints a picturesque image of a broken memory; nostalgia touched with a tinge of hurt. August is reminiscent and cloying, as Swift laments about what could have happened and how she wished for it to be different. She sings with regret and bitterness, but the sweet, light, and faded-away tone of this song is sure to sweep you away into bittersweet memories.

‘Getaway Car’ is a song off Swift’s sixth album, reputation. With its distinct electropop sounds, this song is rumoured to be about Swift leaving Calvin Harris to be together with Tom Hiddleston, with Swift possibly accepting blame for “switching to the other side”. With its catchy chorus, this song (and album), demonstrates a more mature side of Swift, and the darker lyrics and melody certainly amplify this. If you are a big fan of reputation, I dare say that ‘Getaway Car’ is one of the better tracks off the album, and everyone should give this track a listen! 

‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ is one of Swift’s milestone hits, being the very first to reach no. 1 on The Hot 100. The catchy upbeat tune accompanies the storytelling of how a past lover once wanted to rekindle their failed relationship, with her frustrations with the back-and-forth relationship and his empty promises being expressed throughout the song. The song also contains a unique spoken-word bridge where she appears to be ranting about this past lover. The title is repeatedly used in the chorus as a line you surely can’t stop yourself from singing along to, but also further cements her stance on their relationship. Regardless of your love experience, this addictive breakup anthem will surely get you singing along!

Looking back on Taylor Swift’s discography is interesting for a couple of reasons. For one, it is rare for someone so firmly rooted in one genre (Country) to be able to transition pretty seamlessly into another genre (Pop) and back again while still maintaining a strong cult following. It is equally rare for an artist to switch up styles while maintaining a pretty consistent level of quality across releases. While of course I – like many others – have my preference on which albums are better, it is pretty evident that a Taylor Swift release will be of a certain calibre, with at the bare minimum, a couple catchy singles and one or two great deep cuts- regardless of genre. Currently, Taylor Swift is in the process of re-recording her back catalogue amidst some complicated legal proceedings. With the re-release of 1989 slated to be coming out soon, now is a great time to jump into Swift’s music, both old and new.

Sick Beats – April 2022 Spring Collection

Written by: Ashley Chean (22-O1), Benedict Keng (22-U3), Cheng Zhi Shan (22-U1), Chloe Tan (22-I6), Darius Chen (22-E4), Eris Kek (22-I6), Rebecca Yap (22-O1), Sophia Chiang (22-O1)

Designed by: Cheng Zhi Shan (22-U1), Darius Chen (22-E4), Eris Kek (22-I6), Rebecca Yap (22-O1), Sophia Chiang (22-O1)

Imagine standing in the bustling streets of Japan, with the cherry blossom trees all around you. They’ve just bloomed, and the light pinks are dripping off their petals as they spiral in the air. Your hand brushes a fallen petal, as you walk down the streets, smelling the sweetness of the flowers in the light passing breeze, watching them fall as you hum to your favourite tunes. What would you be listening to? 

Sick Beats brings you a curated selection of our favourite songs to bring the perfect vibes of spring to your very own room, so that you too can replicate the feeling of spring in Singapore! We bring to you our memories of spring, captured in a couple of tunes to bring you the joy and brightness of spring. 

Beginning with an entrancing violin melody that transports you to a magical world of flowers and light, Flowering (개화) heads the debut single album of the South Korean band Lucy. The lyrics liken winter to a person who has drifted far from the singer, accompanied by the hopes that this person will bring warmth to them again in the form of spring. The bright melody contrasts with the bittersweet lyrics that mention how even if the singer remains alone, they maintain the hope that “it is going to bloom blue”, perhaps hinting that spring will eventually arrive no matter if the season is happy or sad. Despite the tone of the lyrics, the radiant melody with unique instrumentation and soaring vocals is bound to put a spring in your step. I am often left imagining myself running across fields of flowers to the melody of this song. If you close your eyes for just a moment, this song will take you on a journey, allowing you to forget about the present, even if only momentarily.

Coming from famous South Korean indie band Busker Busker, Cherry Blossom Ending (​​벚꽃 엔딩) has an uplifting and infectious melody which captures the feelings of falling cherry blossoms with various acoustic sounds. In the lyrics, the singer reminisces about a time when he was walking hand in hand with his lover on a street filled with cherry blossoms. Just like how spring is the season of love, especially with the flowers and sweet smells all around, this song definitely brings about heart-fluttering memories of being with your family and friends, while enjoying time together during springtime, as it has done for me. With the many stresses of school life, if you are missing the feeling of spending time together with your loved ones, this song is for you. 

Starting off with a fast-paced and light-hearted melody and combined with the singer’s own angelic voice, ‘If I could ride a bike’ could be easily misunderstood as a simple love song tinged with the flowery feel of spring. However, as the song progresses, the tone of the song shifts from one that is rather pleasant to one burdened with solemnity. ‘If I could ride a bike’ talks about the singer’s hope to explore the many beauties of love together with her partner, but such a dream is disrupted by the sad acknowledgement that she “is never able to do [those] things, so [she’s] just left imagining”. While it is not the happiest song, ‘If I could ride a bike’ manages to twist both a simple tune and lyrics into something that is full of emotions and imagery, and strongly deserves a listen. 

“Just know I’m right here hoping that you’ll come in with the rain.” Taylor Swift’s fourth track off her Fearless Platinum Edition will tug at your heartstrings and take you back to a lost feeling of bittersweet separation and longing. This song, paired with a nostalgic tune and artistic composition, will remind you of those fond memories . Come in with the rain speaks of Taylor Swift’s hope that an estranged lover will return without her entreatment, just like how the rain comes in when she leaves her “window open”. Pictures of the rain and cloudy skies will transport you to a spring unlike any other, and will walk you down a journey of both desperation and hope. However, just as spring passes, pain too, will pass. This song will definitely take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride, and leave you wanting for more.

The cool, offbeat tones of subside transport the listener to a park bench while they’re sipping a cup of coffee, admiring the view. Subside is from Eloise’s album called This Thing Called Living. The deep blue-green flavours of this song express the longing she feels for someone, reminding one of a calm, peaceful lake, with her harmonies weaving a blanket of comfort around the listener. This song is one of my favourites, with its low-key lofi beats in the background making it perfect for an afternoon of relaxation and wonderment.

Cornelia Street is a song from Taylor Swift’s seventh album, Lover. This song encompasses the bittersweet hues of spring, as she reminisces about her past memories, both the good and the bad. The feeling of dancing on the streets is captured in the upbeat tones of this song, which parallels  the falling leaves of spring. The brightness of this piece brings about personal memories with a tinge of nostalgia to any listener, as it has done for me.

This piece (not song, as classical snobs might correct) is the second instalment of Seycara Orchestra’s series of contemporary orchestral pieces based on the four elements – water, wind, earth and fire. The composer, Yuang Chen, along with the rest of his orchestra manage to perform a piece that reminds one of a spring breeze. The use of the flute helps to characterise the piece as lively and swift, leaping cheekily in passages all while being spurred on by the accompaniment of the strings and harp. Although this might be subjective, I personally like to imagine this piece as a bird soaring over a busy cityscape, watching buildings and people pass in a blur. The lack of lyrics makes this piece an excellent listen while studying and the pace of the song is sure to keep you high-spirited as well. If you ever need a piece to lift your spirits, this piece would surely serve as the wind beneath your wings.

Glitter is the final song from Tyler, the Creator’s 4th Studio album – Flower Boy. The first half of the instrumental consists of  pretty synth leads reminiscent of a relaxing walk in the park, complementing Tyler’s emotional and raw ruminations on falling in love – ‘everytime you come around I feel like glitter’. The track is then divided by a short 5-second electric guitar riff before the beat changes into something much slower-paced and dejected, again corresponding to Tyler’s insecurity- ‘This is one sided, yeah, I can’t lie’. This gives rise to the 2nd chorus anchoring the song together with the repetition of ‘scumf***flowerboy’ and ‘how ya feel’, encapsulating the duality of Tyler as a person as well as the stark contrast between his feelings. Overall, the song is a bittersweet joyride that captures the wistful melancholy of spring.

Released as part of the album Abbey Road, Here Comes The Sun is the most well-known song from The Beatles, with close to 800 million listens on Spotify. Written by George Harrison, the lines “It’s been a long, cold lonely winter” and “Here comes the sun” reflect his relief at the arrival of spring, after having a difficult year. (He had been arrested for marijuana possession and had his tonsils removed.) This song is one of my comfort songs as it serves as a reminder that tough times will pass and “it’s all right”. Should you need constant reassurance that everything will be alright, ‘Here Comes The Sun’ is here for you.

With that, we have come to the end of spring! We hope that you have enjoyed exploring some of our springtime tunes with us and that these songs help you to take some stress off from school life. Hopefully, the different songs were able to invoke your favourite memories of springtime, whether it be cheerful or emotional. We look forward to you guys joining us next month for more feel-good vibes! 

¿?sick beats?¿ November 2021 Edition

Written by: Ashley Koh (21-A1), Lian Zhiqi (21-I1) and Tricia Loh (21-U1)

Designed by: Ashley Lay (21-O1)

Colourful costumes, plots clichély familiar or refreshingly new, dashing male leads and gorgeous heroines: these are some of the things that we think of when we mention “Bollywood”. After all, these are staples of Hollywood movies, from which Bollywood draws much of its influence and inspirations. Even the genre’s namesake is a combination of “Bombay” (or the old-timey name for Mumbai), and “Hollywood”! 

However, Bollywood and Hollywood differ in one big area: the music. Most Hollywood films, save musicals, usually don’t pay much attention to the music. Admittedly, soundtracks from famous Hollywood movies can become huge hits, but they are rarely the stars of the movies themselves. 

In Bollywood, this is completely not the case. Bombastic group numbers, tentatively gentle romantic ballads and many other types can be seen in every Bollywood movie. Without fail and regardless of the genre of movie, actors can be found bursting into song. They may even break into impromptu yet expertly choreographed dances. The biggest Bollywood stars of today are also excellent singers. 

However, Bollywood hasn’t always been as developed as the industry currently is. So how did it all begin? 

Ever since Hindi cinema started in 1931, its films have heavily incorporated various musical genres. They are a characteristic element of Indian films which makes it timelessly popular and enjoyable for its generations of audience. 

India is a culturally diverse country with different groups of people speaking in different tongues and dialects. Bollywood music breaks through these language barriers by effectively intriguing their audience with lively and vibrant beats combined with dances performed by an energetic mob of people. Thus, by connecting citizens from all over the country and even attracting audiences outside, Bollywood music has gained a great reputation for itself. 

Shreya Goshal is one of the most famous singers in Bollywood, with her net worth being a whopping US $25 million! Her most famous songs include Jaadu Hain Nasha Hai and Saans among many other hits. Jaadu Hain Nasha Hai was composed for the 2003 movie Jism and adopts a soft and dreamy tone with the acoustics being emphasised the greatest. The song communicates a girl’s increasing vulnerability toward her love interest, slowly opening up to him as she becomes more connected with him. Jaadu Hain Nasha Hai literally translates to ‘it’s magic’. How romantic!

Goshal charges 20 lakh rupees per song, which converts to about SG $36,500! Making it big in Bollywood is definitely challenging, but it undoubtedly earns the artists good money. Having their name known by over 1 billion of India’s citizens as well as striking it rich while doing what they love (singing) is probably the major pulling factor drawing hoards of young, aspiring musicians into the Bollywood scene. 

Many foreign artists have even taken inspiration from Bollywood music for their own pieces! Did you know that the famous violin riff from “Toxic” by Britney Spears was taken from a hugely popular Bollywood song? Another example is “Paint the Town” by KPOP group LOONA which is a Bollywood-inspired dance and hip hop track with strong fast-paced percussion and sampled exotic vocals.

But this international love for Bollywood doesn’t just stop at pop music sampling. The Bollywood craze has become global, with at least 9 different countries including Germany, Japan, Peru and even Russia going gaga over these colourful and vibrant Indian films with their music telling tales of adventure and love. The films and songs also serve as a reminder of home for many Indians living abroad and out of their native country. The music can even be a stepping stone for Indian children living abroad to get in touch with a part of their culture, their mother tongues. 

After examining all the factors and the reasons behind Bollywood’s rise to dominance in the global film industry, it is clear that it’s become a force to reckon with. With the Indian film industry continuing to improve and catch up to Hollywood in terms of quality and prominence, it is also clear that Bollywood is here to stay. 

So before you go, why not get in on the craze? Sick Beats recommends a few Bollywood songs to get you started: 

  1. Chaiyya Chaiyya: Sung by Academy Award winning artist Sukhwinder Singh and Sapna Awasthi, this evergreen and massively popular classic from 1998 captivated the hearts of millions of Indians with its hypnotically catchy melody and mesmerising vocals from both Singh and Awasthi. If you want to get into Bollywood music, look no further.
  1. Nazm Nazm: Another romantic yet modern song that captures the sweetness of love, this will have you swaying along to the gentle voice of the singer Arko. 
  1. Dil Dhadakne Do: On the more lighthearted and foot-tapping side, there is this song which shares its name with the film it’s composed for. Fun, catchy and sung by international superstar Priyanka Chopra Jonas, this one will get your head bopping. 
  1. Kabhi Khushi Khabie Gham: The last entry of these recommendations is definitely not the least. Sung by the greatest playback singer in the world Lata Mangeshkar, this song’s distinctive and emotive melody accompanied by Lata’s iconic vocals tell a beautiful and heart-wrenching story that truly encompasses the meaning of the song’s title: “in happiness and sadness”

Now that you know a little bit about the tour de force named Bollywood, we hope you will dive into the colourful costumes, plots clichély familiar or refreshingly new, dashing male leads and gorgeous heroines and most importantly, the must-listen soundtracks of any Bollywood film. 


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¿?sick beats?¿ September 2021 Edition

Designed by: Liew Yi Xuan (21-E1)

$ilkmoney – My Potna Dem 

$ilkmoney definitely rose to fame with his hit “My Potna Dem” that was used for a trend where people used sign language to mime out his lyrics. The chorus contains alphabets and numerals, like “DBSB 3272” and “GLOBEABB” to a consistent drum beat. Its popularity can be attributed to the challenge of the trend since hand-eye coordination is necessary to do the actions. 

Arizona Zervas – Roxanne

The release of this undoubtedly catchy single in 2019 became an instant Tiktok anthem, generating 2.3 million videos with it to date. It is a pretty typical pop song that can latch on to listeners’ minds. The song itself sounds personal with specific details like how this girl named Roxanne behaves and feels, as well as the singer’s relationship with Roxanne. A fun song that is easy to dance to, this became ingrained in people’s minds and will probably be remembered for quite some time.

Masked Wolf – Astronaut in the Ocean 

A hip-hop song with a catchy beat that people have danced to on YouTube soon became an internet meme especially on TikTok. While the song was gaining popularity, some creators have stepped out to say that the song was corny and “felt like what a 10 year old boy at the gym would listen to”. Soon after, the chorus was edited to become distorted which resulted in the song becoming a viral meme. There are obviously two teams here, with those vibing hard with its energetic, twangy notes at the start and those cringing at it. No matter what, the song still is successful for the previously unknown Australian rapper for topping charts especially in Eastern Europe.

Little Simz – Venom 

The latest TikTok trend where this sound was used as a form of woman empowerment definitely made this song rise up the charts. The lyrics lament about how in a modern patriarchal society, men do not celebrate women’s successes. This message resided with many women who then took this opportunity to use the sound and empower themselves. 

Dance Monkey- Tones and I

Dance Monkey was released on 10 May 2019 and topped music charts in numerous countries. The tune itself was award-laden and even peaked at fourth in the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. The genre of music was electropop, not only was the tune catchy, so was the lyrics. The song featured in a variety of Tiktok videos, but dance choreographies allowed the song to blow up on Tiktok. Recently, in one Korean Music Show, hip-hop singer Jessi sung a cover of the song and it blew up immediately, proving the song’s sustained popularity.

Peaches- Justin Bieber ft Daniel Caesar, Giveon

Of course! Another hit from Justin Bieber. A recent song released on 19 March 2021, topped charts all over the world. The lyrics aimed to pay tribute to his precious wife, Hailey and wishes for their long lasting romance. He even collaborated with Snoop Dogg, Ludacris and Usher for a remix, with each verse changed. The music itself was indeed a lyrical masterpiece that took the tiktok platform by storm.

Someone You Loved- Lewis Capaldi

This single has held top charts in seven non-consecutive weeks and even gained popularity in the US from London. It held pole position in the Billboard Hot 100 in late October and November 2019. It talks about the heart wrenching breakup of his that captured the attention of audiences in UK and US. This heavy emotional content was what some people subscribed to. However, this song had no link with tiktok until remix was made, sounding similar to Hawaii beach music, allowing people to choreograph dance moves filled with heartbroken emotions, while becoming the staple dance of married couples.

Skechers- DripReport Prod. OUHBOY

Possibly classified as a meme song, this song invited many variations of dance and even relatable skits. The track was released in January 2020, and has gained over 1 billion streams on tiktok. It allowed the Skechers brand to advertise their shoes, and gave many tiktokers a platform to express their creativity with their own take on the music.


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The Rise of ASMR

Designed by: Leanne Soh Li-En (21-E6)

A pretty lady moves her hands slowly and whispers into both your ears, perhaps simultaneously crumpling paper or clacking her nails on a keyboard. Although this scene may seem strange to some, many others are captivated by and find solace in this: a typical ASMR video. 

Started in 2010, ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response and is defined as a feeling of well-being combined with a tingling sensation, as experienced by some people in response to a specific gentle stimulus, often a particular sound. The trend took off on YouTube in 2013 and there are currently a whopping 13 million videos providing people with ASMR-eliciting sounds to date. What is ASMR, actually? Why do people listen to these sounds anyway?  How did the ASMR community expand so fast? 

ASMR audio is more than just gentle tapping in rhythm, contrary to what most who do not watch ASMR videos believe. These stimulating sounds can also include mouth sounds such as licking and lip smacking as well as the crumpling of plastic wraps. Besides that, there are roleplaying videos, where the creator acts out a scenario with the listener, such as in boyfriend roleplay. In short, the range of videos triggering these tingles is vast and there is a variety of content to cater to different people’s needs. 

So how does ASMR actually work? Well, ASMR usually invokes tingles in listeners that start at the scalp area. Gradually, as they continue listening, the tingling sensations may spread to the rest of the body, including their neck, spine and other sensitive areas. These help create an overall calming and happy feeling that many listeners enjoy. 

However, many find these videos to be cringe-inducing, strange or even disgusting. A case in point is the trigger of mouth sounds whereby creators, or ‘ASMRtists’ as they have coined themselves, can be seen licking microphones that mimic human ears. It is understandable that such an act can be seen as inappropriate and sometimes they truly are. It must be noted though, that such videos are exceptions, and the majority of ASMR videos are made with the simple motive of bringing relaxation to the bunch of people who seek comfort in hearing such sounds. 

So why is it still so popular with so many, to the point of being needed? The biggest reason is because ASMR can help people to calm down and relax. Notable features of ASMR videos include their quietness as well as the intimacy that they create, which makes so many people enjoy listening to them to unwind and destress after a long day. Some ASMR videos are actually specifically made to help people sleep, revealing their effectiveness in helping people relieve the stresses and anxiety built up throughout the day. 

The intimacy created by the ASMRtists also leads to another reason that people listen to them: companionship. Specifically, romantic companionship. Many ASMRtists do “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” roleplays in their ASMR videos, and these often include taking care of the listener while they’re sick, or helping to calm them down before a stressful event. These provide a sense of intimacy and can even simulate an event in a real relationship, helping to  ease the loneliness that many listeners may feel in their own lives. After all, who doesn’t like receiving personal attention and being carefully taken care of? 

So, it makes sense that some people enjoy listening to ASMR videos. But these videos, as helpful as they may be to some, seem catered to a very specific portion of online users and would therefore probably be very niche under normal circumstances. So why are they exploding in popularity now? 

One of the reasons is skyrocketing stress levels. Across the globe, students and workers are facing (among other things) astronomical amounts of stress. Their fast-paced lives don’t really allow them to indulge in their hobbies or take frequent vacations for some good ol’ TLC, so these overworked, over-stressed people have begun turning to other sources for relaxation and calming of frazzled nerves. One of these sources is ASMR. In addition to the emotional and psychological benefits we’ve examined above, ASMR can also provide physical comfort through the tingling sensations that it triggers, which can help listeners to relax. It’s also a good solution to nightly insomnia caused by stress, aiding many to get their much needed sleep instead of tossing and turning the entire night. 

Another reason is the global community it’s been able to foster. Before ASMR came onto the scene, many online users were already discovering the tingling sensations that they felt upon coming into contact with different triggers. Confusion and curiosity naturally led them to scour the ever-developing and advancing internet for answers, through which they discovered people who felt similar sensations, leading to the rise of ASMR and the formation of the community behind it. On Reddit, 130,000 ASMR enthusiasts are part of the r/asmr reddit community, showing just how strong and connected these people have become thanks to ASMR. 

So the next time you stumble upon an ASMR video and feel those tingling sensations start to creep across your body, know that there is a good reason for that, and that there are many around the world who share those sensations. If you’re feeling adventurous and have got time on your hands, maybe pick up a microphone, and start whispering into it. Who knows, you might become the next biggest ASMRtist. 


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¿?sick beats?¿ August 2021 Edition

Designed by: Lay Kai En, Ashley (21-O1)

When most of us hear “xinyao”, we think of songs that our parents or even our grandparents sing at karaoke. These songs may seem distant, maybe even foreign. But in the August edition of Sick Beats, the team has decided to recommend some nostalgic 歌曲s to you. 

细水长流 – Liang Wern Fook

This song describes the friendships we make during our growing up years, until saying goodbye to each other when we decide to pursue different paths in life. If fate permits, we may meet each other again soon. It was especially relevant in our grandparents/parents era, where without technology, it was difficult to keep in contact with each other, hence relationships were more precious and unforgettable. Listening to this song, you will realise the importance of true friends.

我们这一班  – 颜黎明

Have you guys heard of the 成语 :小时了了, 大未必佳? It came from this song, which describes a reality that has passed us. However, the meaning behind this song is an ideal school culture that every kid wishes to have experienced. Many of you will probably relate to this, relating this to early years of primary school. Though the original singer has passed on, this song will not fade from our memory anytime soon. 

小幸运 – Hebe Tien

First loves, missed opportunities, unrequited love and even platonic friendships. A short song carries all these themes. This song was part of the soundtrack of the movie, 我的少女时代, a comedy-drama in the setting of a highschool. Despite its sweet melody, the lyrics carry the heavy weight of regret, reminding us that one’s first love may not always come true, but stays in the heart forever. 

邂逅 – Eric Moo (巫启贤) & Huang Huizhen

The title of the song, which means 事先没有相约而遇见, directly translates to encounter/meeting by chance. This was one of the OG songs that made 新遥 popular, and was sung by 18 year old, 巫启贤, in the 1980s. The song achieved great heights in the local music industry then, and is the favourite of many Gen Ys now. Maybe you will enjoy this tune too!

童话- Michael Wong (光良)

Released in January of 2005, this song swept the whole of Asia a decade ago. Then, it was foreigners’ favourite song to sing at KTVs. The song depicts a love story mirroring a fairy tale. It presents the sacrifice that the protagonist puts in just to make his significant other happy. Nowadays, to find such a precious gem in a guy, is really worth it to keep leh. This song probably portrayed many ideals of love in our parents’ generation.

Kopi O- Eric Moo

Kopi O is a Cantonese song released in the early 1980s by Eric Moo. It was part of a SBC drama from the heartlander series “The Coffee Shop?”,an eponymous coffee shop, this song was one of the most memorable opening theme songs, with its chorus of “Kopi-O! Kopi-O!”

Step by step- Liang wern fook

This was one of Liang’s most popular songs. Among a series of catchy songs that capture life travails and joy, it was one of the favourite songs at the Sing50 mega concert

想着你的感觉-liang wern fook

Released in 1991, this song is a pop song that can be categorized as xinyao.The original composer was Liang Wern Fook, but was made famous because of Eric Moo The song talks about the emotions and longing felt after breakup and is still played on radio stations today.

等你等到我心痛-singer Jacky cheung and written by 黎沸挥

This song has a catchy tune and is fast paced, talking about how a person waits for his lover’s feelings to change but to no avail. The song describes a sense of loss, employing the Chinese phrase 心痛 as a metaphor for physical and mental pain to make the lyrics more appealing.

All these songs are oldies that we probably come across once in a while, but they were actually incredibly popular in our parents and/or grandparents generations. Do you remember listening to any of them, if not, no harm listening to these songs now! These songs are incredibly important as records about Singaporean history and the local music evolution.