Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I join The Origin*?

All members are part of Eunoia Junior College Press, an official Co-Curricular Activity (CCA), independent since 2020.

2. Who produces the content on The Origin*?

Content is produced mainly by 3 groups of people:

  1. Members of EJC Press 

  2. Freelance Contributors

  3. Other members of the school community, including but not limited to current students, teachers and alumni

3. What kind of content can I submit?

(Almost) everything and anything. We welcome opinion-editorials, reflections, features and factual writing. You may also submit photographs, videos and even artwork. All images and information that are not yours have to be credited. 

The Origin* reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, amend, remove, refuse to publish any material, at any time. All material will undergo a strict vetting process by the Executive Committee and/or Editorial Team. All material that could be considered inappropriate, offensive or vulgar will not be published.

4. How do I submit content?

  1. Prepare 2 versions of your completed article – one in .doc file and one in .pdf file.

  2. Ensure all accompanying visuals (eg. images or videos) are saved in the appropriate file format (.jpg for images and .mp4 for videos).

  3. Send it to our email,!

  4. Once submitted, we will review your article and inform you of any necessary changes before publication.

  5. And you’re done!

5. Are we regulated by the school?

Yes but only partly. Our articles are largely regulated by our own members. 

6. How can I earn General Paper Extra Credit?

You can earn GP Extra Credit by writing an opinion piece, commentary, or analytical essay on any topics of interest or concern, on The Origin*. It must express an argument, in your capacity as a young citizen of Singapore or the world. The opinion piece must be at least 300 words long for it to be considered for Extra Credits. Clearly indicate in your article that you are writing for GP Extra Credits, and hand in a hard copy printout to your GP Tutor. 

7. Who are the teachers-in-charge of Eunoia Junior College Press?

The teachers-in-charge are Ms Ng Huiqi and Mr Kevin Martens Wong.

For any further enquiries, feel free to contact us.

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