Humans of Eunoia X Kindness: Going Above and Beyond

Wherever you go in school, you will never fail to miss this friendly sight. Highly popular among Eunoians, you can sometimes catch him having a lively conversation with students and even tending to our school garden. No idea who he is? This week, The Origin* is featuring Uncle Lye, an Operations Support Officer.

Written by: Li Xin Rong (19-I4) and Lee En Tong (19-U2)

Designed by: Lee En Tong (19-U2)

“The joy you get from showing kindness to others is indescribable. Just like when I give flowers to people, I feel incredibly happy and get a sense of fulfilment.”

What do you work as in Eunoia Junior College? 



I work as an Operations Support Officer but I also teach students how to garden. I used to grow a lot of vegetables and fruits such as bananas and papayas. However, I don’t garden that often now. I also grew many flowers. *excitedly shows off photos of the flowers he grew*




What did you work as when you were young?



I came out to work when I was very young as I did not study that much. I started working when I was around 12 or 13 years old. I used to work in a hardware shop, general store and hotel. I also constructed houses. I then moved on to work in a shipyard when I turned 16.




Are there any interesting stories or experiences you had in EJC so far? 



I used the vegetables that I grew to make salads for the students and teachers to eat. The teachers also used my vegetables to cook Korean dishes. There’s no special occasion, I like to share my vegetables with my beloved students. 




I heard that you’ve planted many varieties of fruits and vegetables in our rooftop garden. How did you discover your love for gardening?



I enjoy gardening as it is beneficial for the environment. I used to work as a gardener. As my house does not have sufficient space for gardening, I decided to try growing fruits and vegetables in school which was relatively successful! 




Besides gardening, what do you enjoy doing in your free time?



Singing. Have you heard me sing before? I sang at one of the school events last year for all the students. If the school invites me to perform again, I would like to sing again. When I was in China, I enjoyed karaoke sessions. I even sang at Getai performances. Do you follow my Instagram or YouTube account? 


唱歌。你有没有听过我唱歌?我去年在礼堂里唱给学生听。如果学校请我,我想唱。我在中国的时候也喜欢唱卡拉OK。我有上去歌台表演唱过。你有没有跟着我的 Instagram 或者我的 YouTube?


Are students here generally courteous? Are they considerate users of their environment?



Many of the students here are polite and kind. There is only a small group of students who are not considerate users of the environment but I will teach them slowly and will not blame them for their mistakes.  




Do you think it is important that Singaporeans show kindness towards one another? Why?



It is important because when you treat others kindly, you will definitely be rewarded in some way. The joy you get from showing kindness to others is indescribable. Just like when I give flowers to people, I feel incredibly happy and get a sense of fulfilment. 




You could tell that Uncle Lye truly enjoys interacting with students here as his eyes light up with joy whenever he talks about the students he formed close bonds with. He even excitedly shared photos of his flower arrangements, vegetables, and videos of him singing. What struck me the most was his kind gesture of gifting me a pot of flowers that he grew and arranged himself. I am incredibly honoured to have had the chance to hear about Uncle Lye’s life and interests outside of school and I am sure Eunoians from the past and present will continue to remember him for being more than just an Operations Support Officer. 


humans of eunoia going above and beyond photo

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